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ChatterOn – Build AI chatbots in 5 minutes without coding

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Picking the right fight

Working in a product-building environment I’ve to go through the following cycle very often. Build t...Read More

Blogging- Milestones of Learning

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5 Startup lessons from LEGO

Ever since my little one was gifted a LEGO set on his birthday, the house has been taken over by lit...Read More

Presenting Apptuse – An Omnichannel Commerce Platform for Small & Medium Businesses

Dear Rodinhooders, I am happy to launch the new version of Apptuse on therodinhoods site. Apptuse is...Read More

On a Budget? 28 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

Whether you’re working for yourself full time or just taking on a couple side projects outside...Read More

The Funding Pitch Template!
Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

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