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Business Model Validation instead of Customer Validation [+Free beta access to all Rodinhooders] 3 Replies

Started by Aayush Srivastava in Ask. Last reply by Shyam Naren 10 hours ago.

What and How Much it Takes to Build an Office in the Indian Capital? A Startup Story 5 Replies

Started by Sujan Deswal in Talking Points. Last reply by Aninda Manna 11 hours ago.

Cracking mainstream media for a book 9 Replies

Started by Nistha Tripathi in Digital Media. Last reply by Nistha Tripathi 11 hours ago.

Facebook Ads - Can anyone help? 10 Replies

Started by Ravi Mittal in Ask. Last reply by Yatin Mulay 11 hours ago.

Bullshit is BULLSHIT ! 7 Replies

Started by Kunal Bhusare in Pain in the Butt!. Last reply by Mayank Chandan 14 hours ago.

Requesting Feedback: I am building an "Anti-Virus for E-Commerce Agreements" 11 Replies

Started by Aayush Srivastava in Showcase!. Last reply by Karan Ahuja 14 hours ago.

Where and how can I learn web designing online? 6 Replies

Started by Shravan in Ask. Last reply by Shravan 16 hours ago.

How to get discounts on domain renewals? 6 Replies

Started by Shravan in Ask. Last reply by Shravan 16 hours ago.

Startup?? Middle class?? Oh boy!! 38 Replies

Started by Sarvesh R in Your Story. Last reply by Sarvesh R 18 hours ago.

Supply Side Constraint for office listings 4 Replies

Started by Abhishek Barari in Ask. Last reply by Karan Ahuja 18 hours ago.

People hate your product...and rightly so. 1 Reply

Started by Shwaytaj Raste in Talking Points. Last reply by Jitendra Gursingh 19 hours ago.

3 years after starting up! 8 Replies

Started by Vishal Agrawal in Your Story. Last reply by Karan Ahuja 19 hours ago.

How to Save an Extra Rs 25 Lac for Your Next Startup 43 Replies

Started by Vishal Khandelwal in Ideas. Last reply by jolly jose yesterday.

Will I be sued ? 7 Replies

Started by Rishiraj Adhikary in Ask. Last reply by Kamal Tripathi yesterday.

Five Accidents to watch for on the Startup Highway 7 Replies

Started by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal in Startup. Last reply by Rajat Chakraborty yesterday.


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