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"Don’t start up just because ‘you want to’. Start up because a real problem wants you…"

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The best place for enterprising folks to hang out, share,make like-minded friends, get feedback and soak in a pool of vast experience.

What does 'Rodinhood' mean?

Rodinhood is inspired from Rodin - who sculpted 'The Thinker' and Robin Hood who 'got things done'. Hence Thinking+Doing = Rodinhood.


TRHS 2014 Event Calendar!

Thank you all for being so awesome at the Bangalore Open House on Sept. 27th!! 

Read Priyadeep's live blog of the event!



Thinking for Business Model Change: Looking for Right suggestions 2 Replies

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Animday Awards Promo 1 Reply

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Wanted co-workers for a start-up.

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Looking For Help In Valuation Of My Business 4 Replies

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How to Minimize Abandoned Carts on your Online Store 8 Replies

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TheRodinhoods Bangalore Open House (Sept. 27) - Live Reporting! 24 Replies

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How Quora and Women Empowerment Talk Inspired Us to Create Vee-A Dating App for India 13 Replies

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The Leela Mumbai and Gamification 2 Replies

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Flipkart's refund games 12 Replies

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Entrepreneur failures

Started by Thirumurugan C in Startup 11 hours ago.

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10 Life Lessons From My toddler

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For the Love of Rodinhoods!

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