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What does 'Rodinhood' mean?

Rodinhood is inspired from Rodin - who sculpted 'The Thinker' and Robin Hood who 'got things done'. Hence Thinking+Doing = Rodinhood.


TRHS 2014 Event Calendar!

Bangalore Open House: 27 Sept 2014 (saturday)

Details to be announced soon!


Selling Ice to an Eskimo… 21 Replies

Started by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal in Leadership. Last reply by Pranav Chopra 5 hours ago.

Face/Off – The eerie similarity between E-com and Airlines! 6 Replies

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Festival Bites - Celebrations are again the way they used to be! 22 Replies

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Looking for ideas to redesign company website 4 Replies

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Breaking Out and Making Big 6 Replies

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Divide & Pay - a free tool to manage and share your group expenses. 9 Replies

Started by Ekta Patel in Showcase!. Last reply by Bilal Budhani 13 hours ago.

Tikona Fooled Me! Please help me. 10 Replies

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Don't listen to Alok 30 Replies

Started by Ankur Khangaonkar in Your Story. Last reply by Praveen Kumar 16 hours ago.

My trail - Explainer videos for just $99 11 Replies

Started by Praveen Kumar in Ask. Last reply by Praveen Kumar 16 hours ago.

Weekly Newsletter: Aug 23-29, 2014

Started by asha chaudhry in Weekly Newsletter 18 hours ago.

need web designers to provide e-com website on opencart platform... 6 Replies

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Website designing and launching 18 Replies

Started by Abhay K. in Jobs. Last reply by Archit Vashishth 19 hours ago.

BootUpINDIA is for you. So, spread the word. Get your friends to apply by 15th September 2 Replies

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Creativity: Taj Mahals and Ant-Hills

Started by Adnaan in Non Business yesterday.

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