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If I was Managing/Leading People

In less than 2 years, fortunately or unfortunately I had 4 bosses at work. Fortunately because I was...Read More

The 2% of Everything!

Yeah!!! Here’s another piece I wrote for the holy Brand Equity of the Economic Times that appe...Read More

What did Mark Zuckerberg just do??

The WhatsApp users who do not have auto update on for android app were up for a shocking surprise on...Read More

Selling Ice to an Eskimo…

My column in the January 2014 issue of the Entrepreneur magazine:    Let us assume that the two of u...Read More

Gamifying Workplace Challenges!

Beginning with a disclaimer – It has taken immense courage on my part to post an article around a mo...Read More

Top 30 Quirky Online Brands To Watch Out For In 2017!

This blog post first appeared on the Zepo Blog. We Indians love to shop online. From fruits to fashi...Read More

Why Entrepreneurs turn Spiritual

My first real brush with spirituality was in 2009. Before that I had read a lot on the subject, but ...Read More

The Winning Way for Startups

What is common to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and many more successf...Read More

The Funding Pitch Template!
Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

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