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Halfchess – a chess variation for busy people

Hi Rodinhooders, I wanted to write about a game I have created and receive your feedback on it. Plea...Read More

4 Unique Ideas to Find Investors For Your Startup

The hardest part about how to find investors for your startup is literally talking to them. With inv...Read More

Looking for a Senior Software Developer – Mean Stack

Hi, We are looking for a “Senior Software Developer – Mean Stack” preferably based...Read More

Increase your app downloads! [Growth Marketing Clinic Series -1]

Hey Rodinhooders! I’ll be happy to support if any of you’re looking to increase your app...Read More

What I Un-learnt About Successful Companies

I had always wanted to read books about entrepreneurs and ‘how-to’ of building a business. While at ...Read More

Why Startups prefer Tin Can Compliant LMS

Training and development is a very important aspect in all business models despite the industry they...Read More

Simply Blood – Why you should help this blood donation platform?

Reason behind Simply Blood 12th May, 1992, I lost my mother due to cancer, I was only 7 at that time...Read More

Andaman 2.0

Andaman Islands – The last time you gave this place a thought was probably in a geography clas...Read More

The Funding Pitch Template!
Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

Use this to raise money or just evaluate your business!

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