How to Build Winning Products

Gulf eSoft Masterclass in Product Management is a day long immersive workshop focused on building and developing highly customer centric products. It is based on Product Management & best practices followed by highly successful global organisations.

The program kicks off with an introductory session followed by a pitching round. Then teams will be formed and coached to work on their ideas till evening using latest tools, methodologies and proven techniques to build winning products.

The training is delivered using real life case studies, exercises, role plays and presentations.


  • Learn From Industry Experts – Receive instructions from real world product managers practicing in the field
  • Work On Real Products – Learn by applying product management methodologies to a real world project
  • Accelerate Your Career – Gain the skills needed to become an entry level product manager


  • Aspiring Product Managers
  • Founders who want to build successful products


  • Ice Breaker Round – 15 mins
  • Building The Product Mindset – 30 mins
  • Designing The Ideo Way – 10 mins
  • Design Thinking Process? – 30 mins
  • Team Formation – 5 mins
  • Problem Scoping and Definition – 30 mins
  • Ideation – 30 mins
  • Brainstorming – 30 mins
  • New Age Product Management Tools – 30 mins
  • Prototyping and Role-play – 1 hr
  • The Pivotal Way – 60 mins
  • Presentations / Pitches – 60 mins
  • Tests – 30 mins


Abdul Ahad is a certified Scrum Master and a Product Delivery Manager at All State Corp. He has over 12 years of work experience in Product and Program Management in Industries such as Payments, Healthcare, Education, Enterprise, Media and Entertainment. Abdul Ahad has trained and mentored many employees at Wipro, Pearson, Merill, NCS and Altimetrik in US, Singapore and India.

FACILITATORS: Arjuman Amjad & Mohammed Zeeshan

Arjuman Amjad is a co-founder at Gulf eSoft – a venture focused on technology and innovation for Middle East. She has reviewed thousands of startup applications and has organized over 50 training sessions for founders and corporates over the last few years. Arjuman has performed brief stints in developing training programs and organizing events at Target Corporation, Kyron Global Accelerator and Atronix Consulting.

Mohammed Zeeshan is a Google Certified Digital Marketer and an Entrepreneur. Currently he consults on SEO, Social Media, Paid Marketing, Content, and Email marketing for clients in the Middle East. Earlier he was a freelancing for multiple ventures on digital marketing strategies. Zeeshan holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.

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