Consumer Good Companies to Start Thinking Digital

About the Webinar:

Every interaction with a consumer is a chance for a brand to surprise and delight—or a missed opportunity to do so. In the present-day scenario, the effectiveness of data-driven marketing has enabled brands to capture more market share.

It is time for consumer goods companies to reinvent their Digital Marketing capabilities so as to engage the consumers thus luring them to purchase their product. In this webinar, we’ll know:

  • How marketers are making improvements to online customer experience a priority.
  • The effectiveness of data-driven marketing and channel-specific optimization to deliver across traditional & digital channels.
  • What are the realities today for practitioners looking to reach the ultimate single customer view?
  • How marketers are dealing with a consumer journey that is no longer linear.

Key Takeaways: 

With the above session, we would attempt to deep dive into the essentials of a successful campaign looking at it from the perspective of Marketing and from the lens of Content Marketing Sellers, Buyers, and Creator. Throughout the session, the objective for the attendees would be to:

  1. Break down Content Marketing to its simple most form by way of discussing basic consumer behavior patterns.
  2. Deep dive into the four pillars of Content Marketing – Brands (understanding), Content (derived language), Engagement (content distribution) & Results (short & the long term Impact)
  3. Finally, how to build a robust ecosystem for driving Content Marketing within an organization.

Webinar Leader: 

The webinar will be led by Ajeet Bawa, Head of Digital Marketing & E-commerce, VLCC


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