The future of E-wallets,UPI, and cashless transactions : At Venture Catalysts

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India has essentially been a cash-based economy, amassing a value of physical currency estimated to be over 11 per cent of GDP, topping the graph among emerging economies.In this uptight ecosystem, digital payment has injected a fresh lease of air to the flagging payment methods. At present, mobile payments form a minute part of the overall digital payments industry in India. With contribution from phones and tablets increasing to 30 per cent by 2020, mobile payments in India are estimated to grow to Rs 115 crore in the coming years.

So what’s the future of mobile payments, wallets and payment gateways in India? How will it effect or help the startup ecosystem ? A future that largely depends on the synergized efforts from the providers, retailers, inclusive of supporting regulatory environment and channelized efforts of the industry players.

Lets hear it from the expert himself.

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