How to Successfully Launch Your 1st Content Marketing Campaign?

About the Webinar:

Content Marketing is the latest buzz word in the Advertising Industry across the world and in India. The figures being spent on Content Marketing are growing rapidly with estimates of USD 50 Bn in US Market and approximately USD 135 Bn across the globe.

As it becomes more and more scientific both from the perspective of Content Marketing metrics to advanced technologies such as Neuro Mapping to predict consumer response to a particular format; there are only a few campaigns that stand out, are remembered and deliver the business objectives that they were supposed to achieve.

Key Takeaways: 

With the above session, we would attempt to deep dive into the essentials of a successful campaign looking at it from a perspective of Marketing and from the lens of Content Marketing Sellers, Buyers, and Creator. Throughout the session, the objective would be for the attendees to:

  1. Break down Content Marketing to its simple most form by way of discussing basic consumer behavior patterns.
  2. Deep dive into the four pillars of Content Marketing – Brands (understanding), Content (derived language), Engagement (content distribution) & Results (short & the long term Impact)
  3. Finally, how to build a robust ecosystem for driving Content Marketing within an organization.

Webinar Leader: 

The webinar will be led by Hemant Arora, Sr. Vice President – Times Network & Business Head – Times Influence


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