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ASK RODINHOODERS Anything Under the Startup Sun!

Hello, Hello! Our ASK section has nearly 1k posts and queries. It’s actually the most effective way to reach out to our 10k strong and gro…

Started by asha chaudhry in AskLatest Reply

Ashwin Sanghi on Authorpreneurship at TRH Mumbai Open House

It all started with Alok sharing an article called ‘Authorpreneurship’ from The Economist on facebook. He tagged Ashwin. It was the first…

Started by asha chaudhry in VideosLatest Reply

Basic Funding Concepts for Entrepreneurs!

  Do Finance terms bother you?   Do you get flummoxed when you hear of Pre and Post Money, Dilution Percentages etc?Don't understand the V…

Started by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal in PresentationsLatest Reply

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9 Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Baahubali

“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything”, started Steve Jobs in his keynote when he launched the…

Started by Ashish Chowdhary in Culture

5 6 hours ago
Reply by Aishwarya Pradhan

Journey from Groupshoppy to Voola

It's been a really long time since I have been to TRHS. My last post was about my struggle here. I had my fair share of criticism and conso…

Started by Gourav Das in Showcase!

7 7 hours ago
Reply by Gourav Das

Oh S&*t, is there blood on the bed sheet?

Sometime back Ranvir (name changed to protect identity) came up to me with a business proposition. I have known him for more than a decade…

Started by Rajarshi Guha in Your Story

16 7 hours ago
Reply by Arun Mishra

Vivilio : Making Indians read more and better!

Hi Rodinhooders I am super excited to showcase our product,  Vivilio - a platform for book lovers to Discover - great content around books,…

Started by Soumitra Sengupta in Showcase!

3 7 hours ago
Reply by Sunil Suri - can this startup survive, where biggies perished?

Hi All, I've been a member of this wonderful community at TRH for the last 3 weeks. I really admire the community and the see the talent ga…

Started by Sunil Suri in Showcase!

9 8 hours ago
Reply by Sunil Suri

8 lessons learnt when I almost raised my first round of funding

"Hello, please let me know if the offer is still on the table?”, with trembling hands and lot of courage, I pressed SEND, put down the pho…

Started by Mubaid Syed in Your Story

15 16 hours ago
Reply by Mubaid Syed

How Side Projects Can Be Your Path To Entrepreneurship

What's common between Gmail, Twitter, Craigslist and Uber? They were all started as side projects. And today, these are some of the most s…

Started by Rahul Varshneya in Startup

3 17 hours ago
Reply by Rahul Varshneya

When life throws you & your start-up under a bus: Lessons from Failure!

Life isn’t always rosy for everyone. How can an entrepreneur be any different? You might have all going well for you today but who knows w…

Started by Priyadeep Sinha in Celebrate Failure!

2 18 hours ago
Reply by Priyadeep Sinha

Web and Mobile Developers

We're looking for a few good web and mobile developers to join our in-house team. Our platform addresses the challenge of loan seekers , ba…

Started by Radhika Khandelwal in Jobs

2 19 hours ago
Reply by Radhika Khandelwal

What would you do, if you were in my shoes?

One fine Sunday morning, I received following email from one of our employee. He is a fresh recruit and has completed 3 months at job. He…

Started by Nilesh Gamit in Ask

42 20 hours ago
Reply by Nilesh Gamit


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