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TRH Gurgaon OH (Aug 22, 2015) captured by InstaLively!

So with each TRH Open House, we try to do something different.  We try to give an upcoming startup a chance to help us and get some Rodinh…

Started by asha chaudhry in VideosLatest Reply

ASK RODINHOODERS Anything Under the Startup Sun!

Hello, Hello! Our ASK section has nearly 1k posts and queries. It’s actually the most effective way to reach out to our 10k strong and gro…

Started by asha chaudhry in AskLatest Reply

Ashwin Sanghi on Authorpreneurship at TRH Mumbai Open House

It all started with Alok sharing an article called ‘Authorpreneurship’ from The Economist on facebook. He tagged Ashwin. It was the first…

Started by asha chaudhry in VideosLatest Reply

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Game over - Falphool 1.0 to be trashed soon

Yeah true, we are trashing Falphool 1.0 website and please keep reading. It has been an revolutionary and eventful journey for me and for m…

Started by Sunil Suri in Ideas

12 1 hour ago
Reply by Sunil Suri

Karela (Bittergourd) Seeds - brought me loads of Bloody #GoodLuck !!!

  “Pandit Ji, Yeh Aage jaake kya karega ? “ asked my mother, to her trusted astrologer she used to consult. She told me most of his predict…

Started by Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal in Good Luck

12 6 hours ago
Reply by Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal

Bharath and Moolesh Jain: The Doorstep Dressers who make you Debonairs.

“I Buy Expensive Suits, They Just Look Cheap on Me” - Warren Buffett. That statement was made by Buffett, when he was rebuked for his scr…

Started by Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal in Interviews

2 7 hours ago
Reply by Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal

Dilemma of an entrepreneur, whom to seek advice from and whom to ignore

Startups are picking up in India, and so is the ecosystem. Many people now want to be part of startups, be it as an entrepreneur, investor…

Started by Nikhilesh Tayal in Startup

9 8 hours ago
Reply by asha chaudhry

90 days at a Startup Accelerator

Things that never get told, things probably every startup at an accelerator will relate to, this is my journey through an accelerator for…

Started by Veer Mishra in Your Story

13 9 hours ago
Reply by Rahul sinha

Still Stuck with your Inner Wantrepreneur?

Greetings to All Rodinhooders, Several times we come across folks who, even though have inner desires to start up, don't really live up to…

Started by Prajyot Mainkar in Talking Points

2 9 hours ago
Reply by asha chaudhry

Cyber Crime hits Help us please!

We are from (earlier A product based Marketplace for kids & family. We are an e-selling Platform that c…

Started by Diksha Ohri in Pain in the Butt!

37 9 hours ago
Reply by Joginder Tanikella

GoOma - Tech Support Services at the comfort of your Home

HeLLo Rodinhooders, If asked to list down things that irritate you in everyday life, do any of the following match your list? 1. Slow tra…

Started by Sudam Nahak in Showcase!

11 23 hours ago
Reply by Prajyot Mainkar

ShipNinja - Never visit the Post Office again! Need feedback & suggestions.

Hello Rodinhoods, After running LazyNinja for 2 years and interacting with many e-commerce companies, I have realised, reverse logistics a…

Started by Mubaid Syed in Showcase!

28 yesterday
Reply by Mithilesh Jindal

The pain and agony of losing my startup

Belonging to the Marwari community, taking up a job was never on the cards for me. In fact, I was the first one from my family to ever take…

Started by Roshan Desarda in Your Story

12 yesterday
Reply by Kalpesh Bhadra


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