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Basic Funding Concepts for Entrepreneurs!

  Do Finance terms bother you?   Do you get flummoxed when you hear of Pre and Post Money, Dilution Percentages etc?Don't understand the V…

Started by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal in PresentationsLatest Reply

Alok on CNBC’s Rules of the Startup Game

  Recently Alok along with Sandeep Murthy (Partner, Sherpalo Ventures), Sudipta Routh (Partner, Luthra & Luthra), Ingersol Jayakumar (F…

Started by asha chaudhry in VideosLatest Reply

The Best of 2014 on TRHS!

Hello, hello, hello! Whoa! Some year this has been content-wise!! I think I need to take the entire week off to recover from THE BESTEST O…

Started by asha chaudhry in FAQ'sLatest Reply

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Xiffe - Mobile App Prototyping in a Jiffy

Hi Everyone I am happy to let you know that we have launched a new version of Xiffe Xiffe is the fastest and easiest way to prototype mobi…

Started by Anurag Rastogi in Showcase!

5 17 minutes ago
Reply by kinnari thacker dave

The Rodinhoods Open House LIVE - Mumbai - March 28

The stage is set. Rodinhoods are here. The event is brought to you LIVE, so I guess you won’t mind an innocent typo if it occurs. But where…

Started by Amit Kumar Sharma in Open House!

9 57 minutes ago
Reply by vijay amin

Albatross around Our Neck – Perils of Choosing a Wrong Name

Well this is the mistake which no one wants to make, but many end up doing so. Either due to over planning or hasty decisions, but this is…

Started by Avi Jain in Your Story

2 1 hour ago
Reply by Avi Jain

An Open Letter to Uber

Ever since the un-called incident in Delhi, i have been mulling over a thought, a solution. I have been wanting to pen this since Day Zero…

Started by kinnari thacker dave in Ideas

5 1 hour ago
Reply by Puneet Nirogam Aggarwal - Your personalized fashion discovery engine and shopping assistant.

Hello Rodinhooders,  I am  Anshul Gupta (a student of SRCC - Shri Ram College of Commerce). Today I want to share my dream with you, well…

Started by Anshul Gupta in Showcase!

3 2 hours ago
Reply by asha chaudhry

Kidhar Hai : Application that ensures safety

Travelling alone for working women can be a petrifying at night, as well as for family and friends waiting back at home. We usually stick t…

Started by Razin Naik in Showcase!

5 3 hours ago
Reply by Rishi Gorantala

How I met Rashmi Bansal through TheRodinhoods

One fine day, I wrote a book, Seven Conversations.  Another fine day, I posted a long rant on TRH forum. This was read by fellow rodinhoode…

Started by Nistha Tripathi in Testimonials!

4 3 hours ago
Reply by Rishi Gorantala

The Adventures of Prince Surya - Feedback, Gamification & Publishing

Fellow Rodinhooders - Greetings,   I head marketing at Stayzilla, India’s largest AND fastest growing online marketplace for Stays. But thi…

Started by Vedanarayanan Vedantham in Ask

1 4 hours ago
Reply by asha chaudhry

Got Questions On Building Or Marketing A Mobile App?

You may have come across several of my articles earlier on tech entrepreneurship as well as building or marketing your mobile app.  I've b…

Started by Rahul Varshneya in Ask

3 4 hours ago
Reply by Rahul Varshneya

Compounding pharmacy for Nutraceuticals

Hi Rodinhood community, My company is currently consulting for a preventive wellness center based in Manila Philippines.  One of the main p…

Started by Kaizad Patel in Ask

0 4 hours ago


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