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How do real estate listing portals make money?

Hi Guys, I am curious about the functioning of real estate listing portals. Note that I am not talking about free classified sites but spec…

Started by Shravan

6 1 hour ago
Reply by Shravan

How to make sure, if we are dealing with good clients in terms of revenue generation?

Good afternoon, Rodinhooders. I'm in need of some advice from fellow Rodinhooders on very critical aspect of our business. We're running a…

Started by Nilesh Gamit

6 3 hours ago
Reply by Nilesh Gamit

Ecommerce Mobile App cost query for mobile app developers

Hello friends, I run - Sculptures, Paintings, Home Décor from top artists. We are planning to develop a mobile app (download…

Started by Samir Dahotre

1 23 hours ago
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Calling all Tech Guru Views! ASP.NET v/s PHP

Folks, My site is up... do provide feedback! Artbugs.IN is India's window to the world of Art, Arty Sculptures of Paintings…

Started by Samir Dahotre

4 23 hours ago
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Urgently require to connect with Citrus Pay!!!

Hi All, Couple of years back, based on the recommendations from one of sequoia capital's associate we have used Citrus Pay for one of our p…

Started by Vasudevan Uppili

7 on Saturday
Reply by Chetan Kaushal

e-commerce, taxi companies, mega funding rounds -- how does it make you feel?

A lot has changed with VC and startups in the last 18 months. Some people are calling it a bubble; some say "all is well" -- it's new oppor…

Started by Rishi Gorantala

5 on Friday
Reply by Rishi Gorantala

How to hire a chef

Pasta is generally thought to be made of maida and hence unhealthy, however we at "The Pasta Kitchen" want to change this! A friend and I,…

Started by Amit Kumar

10 on Thursday
Reply by asha chaudhry

HELP: Switching From One Man Business To Office and Employees

Hi guys, I love reading the posts and discussions here on TRH and find the community to be really helpful. I am opening this discussion as…

Started by Ram Shengale

17 Nov 18
Reply by Ram Shengale

Ecommerce Taxes and Shipping Forms

Hello I have been an avid reader of Rodinhoods and this is the first time need your help. I have recently started a fashion eCommerce websi…

Started by Khalid Khan

5 Nov 17
Reply by Khalid Khan

TEDx - How do I make sure "I Rock the Talk" !

Hello folks! I recently had my "WOW, OMG! Seriously?" moment when I saw this ↓ in my email: And a few seconds later, I had another such…

Started by Atamjeet Singh Bawa

12 Nov 17
Reply by Atamjeet Singh Bawa


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