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Which 5 great business ideas will Reliance 4G make possible?

Hello! You got information about this"Ambani’s ‘datagiri’"?? Can you imagine Uber/Ola without smartphones? Can you imagine Pokemon Go with…

Started by Ajinkya Kulkarni

2 Sep 18
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Let's teach them how to drive!!!!!

Pic Credit: Dear Friends, All of us travel in our daily life. For some it's commute from home to office and vice versa. We…

Started by Mandar Joshi

1 Aug 12
Reply by asha chaudhry

Sales: If you've considered cold calling/emailing for your startup, then I have a question or two for you

Rodinhooders, as someone who runs an IT services organisation, especially sales, I'm aware of the importance of reaching out to other comp…

Started by Narayanan Hariharan

16 Jul 4
Reply by Abhishek Gehlot

Our (might get successful) Story!

 I first met him 3 years back, with a strong determination in my head of saying “NO” for I always disliked engineers and I had not liked hi…

Started by Purvi Wanjara Thakkar

6 Jun 21
Reply by asha chaudhry

Getting Hype-d up

Greetings to all the Rodinhooders.

Started by Rishi Kartik

2 May 30
Reply by Rishi Kartik

Co-working Is Underrated

Cities are abuzz with co-working, with new spaces springing up all around the world. However, not many are capturing the true essence of co…

Started by Arpit Choudhury

2 May 8
Reply by Arpit Choudhury

Sensor in helmet starts the bike only when rider wears it

Hi, Here's an idea which might help reduce motorcycle accident deaths on the road. What if a helmet has a sensor installed and only when th…

Started by Sumiit Lakhutia

1 May 1
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

An App that helps fitness enthusiasts save waiting time

Hi guys, I have an idea for an App and wanted to run it by you guys at TheRodinhoods to get your thoughts and inputs. Your advice would be…

Started by Sumiit Lakhutia

12 Apr 25
Reply by Sumiit Lakhutia

Popcorn in the Classroom!

image source - You don't need to be Einstein to figure that Entrepreneurship has changed the world. Jobs, services,…

Started by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

6 Apr 10
Reply by Sumit Soni

Geolocation marketplace app

Hey Guys, I am developing a geolocation app a marketplace which will on realtime identify your location and indicate the best retailers or…

Started by Anoop SathyaMurthy

29 Apr 4
Reply by Vikram Kulkarni


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