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How to start an 'Open House' discussion?

  It's simple! Just fire up a discussion here and save it under the 'Open House!' category!  Good luck! See this discussion as a reference …

Started by Alok Rodinhood KejriwalLatest Reply

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TheRodinhoods Bangalore Open House (Sept. 27, 2014) Agenda!!

Bengaluru…. Here we come! It’s been a long gap – yes we know! But we shall make up for lost time! The Bangalore Open House is on Sept. 2…

Started by asha chaudhry

11 on Thursday
Reply by asha chaudhry

RodinHoods Hyderabadi #ChaiMeet - A Success !

Hey Guys,  The RodinHoods Hyderabad Chai Meet was a success !!! :) We thought we needed at most 5 - 7 chairs .. We were wrong .. !!! We ne…

Started by Sistla Venkata Abhishek

5 Sep 14
Reply by Sudhakar Orsu

The Perfect Launch

On the morning of the 19th July, 2014, I stood on the platform at Kandivali, waiting for a train to arrive. It happened to be a "Fast", whi…

Started by Abhishek Barari

2 Sep 10
Reply by Abhishek Barari


Mumbai Open House happened to me like a dream come true. It had a beginning, a middle and a perfect ending! So here is all about it for tho…

Started by Anamika Joshi

8 Aug 31
Reply by Nilesh Gamit

Is your passion getting in your way?

Having attended the Mumbai OH last weekend, one thing that you couldn't miss was the passion in the room. Both on stage, and in the audienc…

Started by Vikram Parekh

15 Aug 25
Reply by asha chaudhry

Hello..Rodinhooders from Chennai, Let's meet for a coffee!

Hi, I am relatively new to this forum. I was just wondering if there are Rodinhooders in Chennai. If yes, we can meet up for a coffee next…

Started by Aparna

23 Aug 25
Reply by Akash Agarwal

Garam Chai and a Rodinhoods Open House - A Match Made in Heaven!

They say that ideas are best discussed over a cup of tea. And what better a place for ideas to take shape than an Open House, right? That’s…

Started by Tanz

2 Aug 21
Reply by Tanz

Lets get going in Kolkata!!

There are some decisions you take, really work out to be the ones you had to take! I took one, visited IIT Delhi Seminar Hall on the 9th of…

Started by Umesh Bhutoria

19 Aug 20
Reply by Sankha Ray

Dynofy - Cloud Monitoring System

Hello Rodinhooders, First of all, it still feels as a dream that I got such a huge platform to launch my product. Those present at the Open…

Started by Shubhamoy Chakrabarty

11 Aug 12
Reply by Shubhamoy Chakrabarty

Should i really Create this Startup ???

Hi Rodinhooders, Let me start with a BIG BIG 'THANK YOU' to all you guys for the wonderful Mumbai Open House on July 19. It was my first O…

Started by Rohan Parmar

5 Aug 10
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal


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