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BIZ CONFESSIONS – Do you have one…?

[image source:] Everyone has something to confess! But we’ll stick to BUSINESS CONFESSIONS. Why? Because it’…

Started by asha chaudhryLatest Reply

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Why TOM never killed JERRY?

Awarded the "Rodinstar" Post  of the week!! Tom was an Entrepreneur, sitting idle would give him nightmares. You must have seen…

Started by Aman Jha

69 on Thursday
Reply by Omkar Nisal

Be lean to make it BIG!

Funding, funding everywhere but not a penny to invest in YOUR startup! Well, that's what you feel when you are running a startup and quickl…

Started by Deep Malhotra

10 on Monday
Reply by Mayank Chandan

Business teaches saving as much as earning!

I started my coaching class (3 yrs back) while still on job and it is my first experience in running business. I focused  as much on earni…

Started by Hardik Khanna

0 Apr 27

The ‘A-to-Z’ of One Person Company Registration in India

All You Need to Know About the One Person Company Registration Starting a business of your own can be extremely exciting, but creative fre…

Started by Tanz

13 Apr 25
Reply by Manoj Awasthi and Net Neutrality – Can they co-exist?

When Facebook's Founder & CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2013, most people called it noble and benevolent. Rightly so.…

Started by Rishi Gorantala

4 Apr 24
Reply by Rishi Gorantala

Why you should sell the superpower! ( & not the magic potion)

Image Credit: The story of features v/s benefit is an age old discussion. A lot of articles have successfully defin…

Started by Shwaytaj Raste

2 Apr 23
Reply by Shwaytaj Raste

Busting the Five Favourite Myths of the Foodpreneur

A few days ago I read an interesting old article on Business Insider about how long ‘overnight successes’ really take. For example, it took…

Started by Perzen Darukhanawalla

1 Apr 23
Reply by asha chaudhry

Is Your Business Great, Good, or Gruesome?

“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.” ~ W. Somerset Maugham – English dram…

Started by Vishal Khandelwal

1 Apr 22
Reply by Ranjeet Pratap Singh

'Fail Fast' is about Decisiveness

Fail fast is one of the worst expressions coined and even worse understood terminologies. Most startups I speak to, seem to think that ‘Fa…

Started by Vivek Srinivasan

2 Apr 20
Reply by Vivek Srinivasan

Active sales vs marketing: short term gains vs long term benefit!

Sales -------------- Should an organisation invest in having a sales force? Let's begin with a scenario. There are 200 organisations selli…

Started by Varun Bhutani

3 Apr 20
Reply by Varun Bhutani


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