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BIZ CONFESSIONS – Do you have one…?

[image source:] Everyone has something to confess! But we’ll stick to BUSINESS CONFESSIONS. Why? Because it’…

Started by asha chaudhryLatest Reply

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“COMFORTABLE” – A word to avoid for being Successful

Hi, this is my first day at TheRodinhoods. So I thought of starting this journey by sharing a post from my blog that I wrote about 3 years…

Started by Mayank Uppal

1 16 hours ago
Reply by Manish Golchha

How to learn programming in 8 simple steps

We've all taken that resolution, "I'll learn how to create a website this year" but in the end given up on that hoping to someday wake up a…

Started by Shobhit Bakliwal

11 on Saturday
Reply by Shobhit Bakliwal

Startup’s Guide: 5 Agreements every Entrepreneur shouldn’t start without

Being a startup entrepreneur we have to indulge into many things simultaneously. At one time we are looking into product development at ot…

Started by Vipul Meehnia

5 on Thursday
Reply by Vipul Meehnia

Startups: How to stay motivated and focused?

Awarded the "Rodinstar" Post  of the week!! Last year, when I saw this picture of Mark Zuckerberg’s desk with a poster that screamed…

Started by Rishi Gorantala

15 on Thursday
Reply by Benjamin Jacob

We need 10,000 entrepreneurs – not 10,000 crores, Mr. FM!

As featured in the Economic Times - Sunday - 20th July - 2014 The full transcript appears after the image. Enjoy and please add your views…

Started by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

5 Jul 23
Reply by Zeeshan Khan

Error: Co-Founder Not Found!!

I am an active reader of the rodinhoods and there are some entries that you just connect with instantly, that is exactly how I felt while…

Started by Akhil Suhag

34 Jul 21
Reply by Sandeep Verenkar

Returning to the corporate world after a failed stint of entrepreneurship

Image Source While several fresh graduates look to take the risk of starting a company, a lesser talked fact is stories of folks returning…

Started by gautam jayaraman

2 Jul 20
Reply by Amit Shroff

Don't wait till it's perfect

I wanted to talk about something that I learned but still finding it really hard to practice it myself. "Dont wait till its perfect". This…

Started by Alex J V

0 Jul 18

"Playing" entrepreneur

Here is a story of my friend in US who was two years in "playing" entrepreneur and failing. I want to share exactly how he wasted money/t…

Started by Pravin Patel

4 Jul 17
Reply by Rishi Gorantala

When to incorporate your Start-up?

Awarded the "RodinStar" Post  of the week!!   30 minutes before starting to write this article, I got off a call with Arvind Batra, f…

Started by Kiran Kumar

10 Jul 16
Reply by Rishi Gorantala


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