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The Best of Entrepreneur!

My articles in Entrepreneur India have been usually well received! Here are some of them, made easy to find and read!

Started by Alok Rodinhood KejriwalLatest Reply

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The 5 joys of working with early stage entrepreneurs

As one of a handful of corporate lawyers discovering the joys of working with early stage entrepreneurs, here are 5 reasons why I still lik…

Started by Suhas Narasimha Baliga

6 Feb 18
Reply by asha chaudhry

How We Growth Hacked Our Services Business To Generate $300k in 9 Months

Awarded the "Rodinstar" Post  of the week!! A lot gets written about product startups and how entrepreneurs have growth hacked thei…

Started by Rahul Varshneya

27 Feb 18
Reply by asha chaudhry

20 Things I Learnt About Entrepreneurship While Running Marathons

On 23rd November, I ran my first marathon in Philadelphia. It has been a long and arduous journey and had its share of ups and downs. A ne…

Started by Shilpi Mahajan

5 Feb 16
Reply by Prasad Roodagi

Women in Technology

Awarded the "Rodinstar" Post  of the week!! I recently was invited to speak on Women in give my perspective. While th…

Started by kinnari thacker dave

13 Feb 16
Reply by Mridula Arora

Entrepreneurship is a Dive.. No, A Skydive!!

At the outset, I want to convey that I am NOT an entrepreneur and have never started or operated a business venture.  Yesterday, I did som…

Started by Abhishek Ponia

2 Feb 14
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

What is it like to be the only non-tech hire in a technology startup?

Awarded the "RodinStar" Post  of the week!! My previous employer and a good friend Utkarsh, offered me a job in his new startup ove…

Started by ahmed zain

4 Feb 14
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

How I - Hire People!

"How I" intro... I was thinking of creating ideas of long lasting content that would REALLY REALLY HELP rodinhooders in their work, busines…

Started by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

15 Feb 9
Reply by Jai Kishan Singh

The Espresso Principle

Writing as an expression usually happens when you are in a state of tension between point A and point B. There is a comfortable state, and…

Started by Sushrut Munje

3 Feb 8
Reply by Sushrut Munje

Why I find Starting Up so scary?

After years of contemplation, working with start-ups and reading about entrepreneurship, I have finally decided to take the plunge. And yes…

Started by Shilpi Choudhury

7 Feb 3
Reply by Amit Shroff

Everyday Entrepreneurship

Who is an entrepreneur? A person who thinks of a business idea, takes the risk to start one and hopefully makes money at some point in time…

Started by Ajay Shah

6 Jan 31
Reply by Shivani Srivastava


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