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The Glamour of being a Luxury Entrepreneur!

What is the first word that comes to your mind when you hear ‘luxury’? Glamour, champagne, sophisticated parties bathed in a golden glow…in…

Started by Soumya Jain

74 on Sunday
Reply by Abhishek Barari

This Is What A Business Lost By Not Creating A Mobile App

Some tried. Many failed. Most of them wanted to and built their company’s promotional app, with a brochure and corporate profile and all a…

Started by Rahul Varshneya

2 Jul 23
Reply by Rahul Varshneya

Challenge to All Rodinhooders - Answer this One!

Hello All, So we know TheRodinhoods reached the Magical Number of 5,000 members last week! In one of my casual discussions with Asha, she a…

Started by Aneja Raj

60 Jul 18
Reply by Jack John

Which are the best marketing agencies in India for online business?

Hello Friends We have just started an online business, and we are looking for some good online marketing agencies  who can write content,…

Started by Ssandeep B Teraiya

4 Jul 16
Reply by Ssandeep B Teraiya

Startup Ideas for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Source. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking to startup but not sure what to do ? Here is a list of ideas which I have bounced o…

Started by Abhik Prasad

13 Jul 15
Reply by Richard Macwan

How to emulate a successful business successfully.

Hello  This is my first post on this platform and also I have no experience in entrepreneurship so please bear with me. Last week I was di…

Started by eshan kumar

5 Jul 8
Reply by eshan kumar

Integrity or Stupidity?

I met a friend a while back. He was coming back after getting his watch repaired. Here’s the conversation we had: Friend: the businessman w…

Started by Abhinav Sahai

6 Jul 6
Reply by Abhinav Sahai

How to Set-up Low cost Food Joint?

I had been running a food joint sometimes ago, committed lot of blunders and learnt lot of lessons. I have shared my story here. Lot of En…

Started by Aman Jha

28 Jun 22
Reply by Shravan

Need help connecting with current MBA students to get their perspective on our concept

Hey folks, We're a young startup based in Gurgaon building an online platform for colleges to help their students become more industry-read…

Started by Saurabh Adeeb

12 Jun 10
Reply by Darshan Bhambiru

Introducing: 1Card - THE BEST digital business card

Your business card should end up in a phone's addressbook. But it ends up in a dustpan aided by a jhaadu & eventually in a dustbin. So…

Started by Raghvendra Saboo

31 Jun 4
Reply by Raghvendra Saboo


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