Hello Rodinhooders,

I am so glad sharing this with you all. I am currently a part of Tim Draper's "Draper University" as 40 people from across the world attending his program at Silicon Valley.

As a part of my effort to make sure, I bring value to each and ever rodinhooder no matter where I go, I am interviewing Tim Draper for 30 minutes on Tuesday(Wednesday in India) on his perspectives about Funding, Entrepreneurship and other aspects of building an enterprise, to make sure we bring new and fresh ideas from the valley.

I am calling every rodinhooder to put in questions they would like to get answered directly from Tim Draper, this is a video interview and will be put up everywhere to make sure it reaches you and everyone in the community.

If you do not know the man recall the services Skype,Hotmail,Overture,Baidu and others or may be just Google and read it here :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timothy_C._Draper

Look forward to some insightful questions from your end, one's that can make the man himself get a little uncomfortable...!



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I hope you will use a nice iPhone Camera?
- Tell us about the 'Sabeer Bhatia' meeting and what made you make him the most famous Internet Indian ever?
- The BIGGEST mistake entrepreneurs make (just 1 - but the BIGGEST)
(we will ship you a tee for him, so take his size)

Thank you so much Alok. Definitely posting these 2

This is awesome! 


When does niche product space (e-commerce or otherwise)  becomes relevant for Investors? Is it the product/team or customer acquisition that is decisive in such case?

All the best Prashant!

I'd be glad if you would ask him these:

- Where does he see the next global shift happening in terms of technology? Which industries await disruptions?

-How do you separate great ideas from mediocre ones?


Wow thanks prashant for sharing this with therodinhoods

- As an investor what are the primary things u look for, in a product or company before investing?? In other words what is that convinces u that this particular venture is worth investing in!!

-in ur beginning days as an entrepreneur who u would look up2 an an inspiration and why?

-what was the biggest hurdle in ur lyf and how did u overcome it?

Even if u r able to shoot any 1 ques out of these i will be satisfied.
In my list of ques correct the second one its "as an inspiration" sorry for my typo errors

Wonderful Prashant!!!

I would like to have the Insights from Tim on the Unification of the Technologies and the Future Products and Services to Look forward to, as of Today! In Preparation and Scope!

To Explain a bit about the Question Background : Since the launch of the (IT - Information Technology) Internet it has now come up to the Broadband and IPV6 and SSD with Higher Computing power with Lower Power consumption & Mobile Batteries and higher Storage space now available on the Fly, Cloud Computing being an Everyday Affair too in some way for all Using it too, Wearable computing would be the Norm in some  time too. The paper Dot matrix Printer has come a Long way to 3D Printing too, Food, Clothing and Shelter Including. The Humble everyday Mobile is More powerful today than some of the earliest Computers, with the Intertwining of the various Communication (Radio, Entertainment, TV, Video, Audio and Streaming with Internet, Email, Chat and VOIP) and Social Medias converging soon it would become ONE only Platforms may vary though. 

Where Do we Go to after Earth ?!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Alien!! :) Cheers!!

Thank you so much guys, I have taken the questions and will try and include as many of them as possible during the interview.

I will be uploading the video soon after the interview is done :)


I will keep having questions from your end till the interview gets underway. If you are looking forward to have something answered from Tim, please add your question here, I have 12 hours for this to get underway.

Hello Rodinhooders,

The interview has been done. The video has gone for editing and by Friday there's something in store for every rodinhooder and aspiring entrepreneur :)

thank you all, especially prashant for this awesome interview!!


Thank you all therodinhooders, and thank you Asha for posting this here as well :)


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