Hello friends,

I am the co-founder of Budding Bots. On your left what you see is our logo. We are just one and half year old. 

We at Budding Bots strive to create awareness among the school going students about robotics and technology by conducting workshops for them. We start right from the basics and make sure that fire of robotics is ignited within them. We at BB start teaching the students right from the grass-root level and we go to the advanced levels which are simplified by us so that the school students can easily learn.

Countries like Japan and China are far ahead than India in the field of robotics only because kids there, are taught the basics at school level itself and that is what we aim! Our team consists of 5 final year engineering students. Some of the stuff what we teach to the kids, we ourselves learnt it in our First and Second year engineering. When we learnt all this stuff, we thought damn! Its so easy. Why should we not give kids such opportunities right from the school so that they can do way better than what we did during our engineering.

This was how it all started and Budding Bots was co-founded by me and my friend Dhruv Kothari. Until now we have successfully conducted 10 workshops in Mumbai at various institutes and one in Gujarat and more than 500 students have made their bots with us. At Budding Bots we create a very friendly atmosphere and make students very much comfortable so they can feel free to ask anything. Just anything. We make sure that each and every question of all the students is answered satisfactorily. We get immense pleasure when we look at the satisfied smiles on the faces of the kids when the robots made by themselves start working.

 Basic Remote Controlled Wired Robot

Drunken Drawing Robot

Bristle Bot

These are some of the robots that we teach the kids.

For more you can visit our Facebook Page here. We don't have a website as of now. For any queries you can write to us at buddingbots@gmail.com or contact us directly at:

Friends, we have put up the videos on our Page Do check them out.

Ankur - 9773776803

Dhruv - 9773776967



Budding Bots Team.

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Great Initiative Guys..

Thank you...!

can u add more images and videos of your bots?

how u make them etc? anything more visual?

sorry, i saw the page again and noticed new images - what about a video of it working?


you need to add the video/s to the story for other members to see. it may not get as much visibility here in the comments.

also it would help if you added captions to the images!

Have posted the videos on the Page. Awaiting your feedback. 

Very good initiative Ankur.

Thank you..

Well Done... Needed Such services... !! 

I would like to offer a free website to you courtesy : www.admaws.com :) you could write to me at rahul@adeventurez.com if you are interested.

Love what you are doing. All the best :D 

waiting for the videos brother :)

Have posted the videos on the Page.


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