served hot at the 'NSE' to the 'Rodinhooders'!

The 27th July 2012 Rodinhoods Open House was 's first Show & Tell to the world that it exists!

Venue was excellent!

What better place to present a product that is all about Stock Markets at the National Stock Exchange.

So what I had there - good rodinhooders + good venue and I was confident that what I am going to present is good too!  :-)

Let me tell you why i think so.

About is an independent equity research house started in May 2012.

We at ChaiStocks believe that Nature (natural world) is permanent and the eco-system developed by it is sustainable. Nature is permanent because it ‘Gives for free’. It is sustainable because it derives its energy for the Sun. works like Nature. ‘Gives’ stock market trading and investment ideas ‘for free’. As long as stock markets are there, there will be need for quality advice (permanence). We aim to create value by building large Pan-India user base, thereby offering an location based and economical advertising platform to MSMEs in India (sustainable).


The BIG Idea

Traders and investors in the stock markets regularly require advice on stocks. This advice is currently offered by brokers, media, and private research desks. However, this advice is either expensive (from private desks), confusing (media creates information overload) and could be selective from brokers. is an independent research house which offers stock investment and trading advice at no charge. It gives crisp, technically researched recommendations in a highly engaging environment.

India has 20mn demat accounts + 45mn facebook users + 900 mn mobile connections. The convergence of these data points offers a large number of stock trading and investment idea seekers who need information in a quick & engaging manner and fast results. aims to create value by building a large user base Pan-India. In turn, it is preparing a location based and economical advertising platform for 28mn MSMEs (Micro Small & Medium enterprises) in India.


What we are looking for?

  1. Funds - to build what we envision. 
  2. Mentor - to guide us on the path of value creation.
  3. Ideas from users - to improve their experience at

What we are offering to?

  1. Our Users - a free of charge trading and investment advice.
  2. Our MSME Advertisers - a location based and economical advertising platform.
  3. Our Mentor - to be part of a hard working team and enjoy fruits of success.
  4. Our Investors - Growth driven, value creation opportunity in a simple and unique business model.

 Click here to view the excerpts of the presentation on youtube.

Also find the Show & Tell presentation ppt below. 

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nice presentation!! was curious about the reason behind naming the website so. though gave me an instant urge to have a cup of tea!!!

ur website is neat n single page one. rare to find one these days. 

bout your business idea, i wish you best of luck, though i hate to say that people rarely appreciate anything given free, esp advice on stocks....for obvious reasons, what if you have bought quantities before taking out your buy recommendation or have short before giving a Sell recommendation... even the biggest brokerage companies are struggling to build and maintain reputation here...

Also if its free, where would you really make your money from? Ad money would be too uncertain and little to sustain the business...

i mean, i would advise hard hard thinking going into all the pros and cons, esp cons before pumping in hard earned real money into it... 

best of luck though.. and hope sincerely that you succeed



Sanchita...thank you very much for the wishes  :-)

re: gives new recommendations everyday. The research for tomorrow happens today evening, after market hours. So we buying and selling before giving recommendations is practically not possible. 

The idea behind is simple.

My core competency is research - i can generate A-1 quality research.

We want to share it with very very very large number of people. And charge large number of advertisers to pay for it.

The concept is simple, no wonder, you found out the website simple and neat.  :-)

All the best for your business.

Hi Milan...great thought of providing free stock recommendations....i think it is a great idea to increase traffic on your website by keeping the service free….more the traffic, more would be the ad revenue…..

Thanks Pani Kumar.  :-)


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