(While the idiotic title of this article will kill off the probability that any big thing will republish. So, we can come back to the point and discuss the topic.)

  • Be civilized and humble
  • - Don't ever try to say anything personally or anything which you won't ever say face to face.
  • If you disagree with anyone, do not just try to p*ss off the other person. For instance, if X, the other person says : "20 + 20 is 50", and you reply "IDIOTS **@#)(&$ @&)$&@) 20 + 20 is 40", can be shortened to "20 + 20 is 40, not 50".
  • Don't ever put things like:Good, Thanks, Me too! . They do no good and just consume space, which could be used for more valuable topics.
  • Don't get involved in a looooong loooong decision publicly. If you want to kick a conversation with the other persons, just switch over to emails. They're really good at such things.
  • Lastly, it must be noted that: Starting a useless flame-war type argument on the Internet means you're already lost.

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