Hello guys,

We wish to include the use of Android Tablets for our sales pitch (ppt, xls, video files). After having researched a lot, I figured that I am unable to get a solid satisfactory answer as to whether this feature is possible or not. I also figured Rodinhooders will come to my rescue and therefore here I am.

Scenario is that the tablet has HDMI output and most of the commonly found Projectors have VGA input. There are a lot of conversion cables available but none of them actually work. Looks like VGA is analog whereas HDMI is digital, and so theoretically it is not possible to connect them. But then obviously, there are switched to help you do that.

Now if somebody can help me figure out what exactly should I do to solve this issue. I guess, a lot of you might actually already be using this thing. Help me out !!

I am also attaching a few links here that might give some direction to all of us.




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An HDMI cable is purely digital (1's and 0's) while VGA is completely analog (waves). You will most likely be wasting your time purchasing this product unless your device has some magical way of outputting analog signals through its HDMI port. The product still gets 2 starts for being honest and saying don't try to connect your VGA port on your desktop or laptop computer to an HDMI port on your display, but I seriously doubt that it will work in any situation.

The idea solution to someone looking for a way to do this is if they had a an HDMI cable attached to your device and a signal converter (these are currently north of $100 as of the time of this review, closer to $170) and then a VGA cable going out from that to your monitor, similarly this is how you could go from your computer to converter box to HDMI to TV.

If you're wondering "Well, DVI is a digital interface and there are cables that go from VGA to DVI and it works perfectly fine!" its because the DVI interface actually has half analog pins (DVI-A) and the other half is digital, which is how it is capable of taking VGA signals. HDMI cables do not have any compensation for this conversion at all.

Copy pasted from somewhere.  There is an Onda VX610w Tablet which has a vga out or rather an rca output.  Maybe that can meet your need.

Thanks for the reply Devesh. I'll check out the tablet you have mentioned.

Plus tomorrow I am getting a converter box, and they claim that it will convert the digital signal to analog. I'll try that out and post the results here. And it's not that costly also, just 4000 along with all the peripherals. :)

Looks like there is just a TV out port in this tablet, no VGA out.


As a temporary solution ,  if you want to show some application or touch feautres on ur tablet, then you could connect ur tablet to a laptop and then through vga of laptop to projector..

Just a temporary solution since the response will be a little slow and delayed on the projector.

To connect .. check this out .. http://azerdark.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/displaying-android-device-...

But if you are looking for a permanent solution then this is not a good idea


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