So I have been scrouching the web for a while now for a quality info on what are the major cost factors that one must consider before startingUp..

Sadly I haven't came around any good info and even which I found was not India Specific.. So I thot what better place to have this discussion than TheRodinhoods..

What do you think are the key unavoidable costs that must not be missed out while estimating cost for your startup..

This will help a lot of Non-MBA, Fresh outta college budding entrepreneurs.. 

So what are these factors and how much is it??

By far I have figured:

Office rent + monthly bills
Team's Salary
Infra like PC, Internet etc..
Marketing costs.. 

I have estimated Office rent + bills to be around 12-15K per month
Salary varies person to person
Internet, PC and Laptop costs can be easily found out..
Good Server can cost you around 15K per year (for beginning)

What I have no idea about is the marketing costs.. what is the avg. marketing cost??
Maybe in terms of CPC, CPA , CPM etc.. And not just for E-Commerce but for non-ecommerce biz too..

Lets compile a good set of info here to help me and many like me.. 
Thanks in advance.

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For an oven-fresh startup, i'd add:
Web hosting - 5000 - 10000 per annum
Legal (assuming incorporation) - 20000 fixed, 15000 per annum
Payment gateway - 10000 fixed, 3000 p.a.

And what about marketting??

I am planning to startup. I have decided to keep 15% of my monthly revenue for marketing activities.

BTW I am planing to start a restaurant!!!


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