I have lived all my life in Delhi & spent about an year in Mumbai, so I think I've a different perspective of looking at this "rivalry".
My house (Paternal, I was born here & my Father before me & live in a Joint family) in Delhi is big, spacious & most of the bedrooms have attach lat/baths.
I craved for space in Mumbai, although my consulting gig paid well in stock & bonuses & I was getting a 12k HRA it barely covered my rent. I got a small ground floor 1BR + Small kitchen/store room for that money in Andheri East, which apparently was only 5 minutes walk from my office in Mahakali Caves Road (Near Tunga Restaurant). 
I had a small fenced verandah & space to park my car, which although didn't had a society sticker was still had empty spot.
I loved my empty parking spot but hated the room; it was tiny & it sucked the life out of me, I didn't even have space to put in a real bed & accommodate a cupboard, the place came with a godrej almirah but we all know how much do we use those, I improvised used a futon mattress & got myself a industrial rack from my designer friend.

The love affair with my apartment didn't last long since it was on ground floor it almost drowned in Mumbai rains, I had to sleep on a friends couch for a week & almost got my things ruined hadn't it been to nice uncle who noticed the rains doing damage & informed me. I cut short my trip to take charge. 

Still Love The Parking Spot:

I still loved the parking spot, I live in South Delhi & still hate to find a decent one near my home, apparently we own too many cars for one household to sustain healthy parking ratio (perks of living in a Joint Family, you will always be fighting for that golden spot with your elder cousin)..

We The People:

The people in Mumbai are definitely nicer to do business with & although they don't waste time with pleasantries are still gracious, polite & thankful people.
I have some of my best friends in Mumbai available on call 24/7 & who come to Delhi often & still take time out to drop in at my office to say hello, drink beer or just "hang out".

Delhites on the other hand are evil (not all) & are heavy on Name Dropping (I get that, really I do. My dad's been a lawyer for enough decades to know every single politico in Delhi) EVERY ONE KNOWS SOMEONE.

Mumbaiya Guys are cool & don't give a shit who you are or what's your background. They will trust you blindly & open their homes for you.
When I started my Broadband company my first & only investor was from Mumbai, he is an ex-BOA guy who owns more rentals than anyone I know. He insisted in investing in me when noone had any clue what we would do or becvome; not even me.
He saw "Potential" when we everyone all saw "Crazy". He is also pushing me now to complete my book (fiction) which I stopped writing a year ago & publish it for me. He is the best Mentor & Friend I got, my strongest Mumbai connection.
I'm not mentioning RoadRage & Rape's cause the traditional media does a good job of covering those. Please let me know what you think. I request you to not be judgmental or patriotic toward your home state but be rational & think which city has given you more. For me Delhi has given me culture & home but Mumbai has given me my Dream.
Thank You,
Deepak Sharma
P.S. I can be reached on Twitter.

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Namit, agree with you but how does the fact that you are speaking from New York, help this discussion??

Don't you think that you are contradicting your own point?? :)

Vijay, thanks for your reply. Well appreciated. I would like you to appreciate that I am still thinking about you, citizens of India and about India as a country even sitting in New York. What makes me sad here is that you are getting into a dialog which is of no use and solves no purpose. Lets be more productive rather pinching each other for momentary pleasures and just for the sake of participation in this post.

Namit, what's wrong with a small playful Indulgence among Friends?? Its a de-stresser from all the Productive things we keep doing all Day.. I think you're taking Life a little too hard.. Chill Bro.. :)

Bhai Namit,

What do you mean by  "I am still thinking about you, citizens of India and about India as a country", you must have gone abroad to study or work as did many of us here. But do not talk in 3rd person. The least you could say is We Indians instead of You Indians. besides the whole point is to be non judgmental or patriotic & make fluffy comments yaar.

Think About This Brother.

Please read it back again, there is a comma between you and citizens of India....

Are we getting somewhere? This conversation is not moving forward. We are still not getting to solutions rather just getting into arguments.

We are not discussing quantum physics here. It's a light discussion on life and living across two big cities of India. It's not productive, yes - but who claimed otherwise?

Namit, nothing is a piece of shit on a blog.

this is filed under 'non business' if you note.

Opinions LEAD to creating leaders, because to HAVE an OPINION, you need CLARITY of thought and CONVICTION.

Now, the biggest entrepreneur leap is the EXPRESS that opinion and STAND BY IT.

I think Opinions are like starting up!

Taking a position, a pitch, a play a gamble, and seeing it through.

Tell me one respectable business blog / newspaper / that DOES not have opinions?

Errr - let me start with the Wall Street Journal :-) 



The Rodinhood is "Where Enterprising People Meet'. I am just struggling here to match the blog with its mission statement. 

Where are those enterprising people?  What do they meet for? What do they talk about? Do they just give opinions? Or is there any thought leadership too? Do these leaders and enterprising people give solutions and share value? Do we solve any common purpose?

Now you can be a better judge on what I meant. Just don't let the sheen of this blog go away. As much as the other followers respect the blog, so do I.


hahahaha -  i think you're over emphasizing some book knowledge here! Mission statement?!  what the hell is that?!

Sorry but I think you are playing Priest in a Play Field for entrepreneurs.

This is a SITE for enterprising people all right, and enterprising people have opinions!

Is this the first time you have come to the site? Have you looked around? Have you seen the Tabs above? Have you read the ASK sections? Have you figured what happens in the discussions and blogs?

Tomorrow you will say that 'A letter to my daughter' should not be on the rodinhoods!

Dude, I don't know what you do or where you live, but entrepreneurs are normal, easy people and discussions like this once in a while lubricate the harshness of our lives.

Entrepreneurs have Ideas and Solutions, not just opinions. I know my above comments are hard to take. Critics always exists. I am glad you replied. 

the most interesting point is that you have not started any discussion on this site since you joined in Feb 2011!

And even this is the only discussion you have commented upon!

Ok, so now do something nice and start a nice intelligent discussion for us!!

@Mohul, Gurpreet Singh Tikku hasn't got hold of his Computer yet.. This is the Silence before the Tsunami..:))


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