Walk into any large media buying agency in India, and you will treated to a catwalk of some of the most beautiful girls you have ever seen! Some strolling in, others walking out and a bunch just waiting at the reception to be called into conference rooms...


Please appreciate that I am not making a perverted or sexist remark here - I truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds when I wait on those media agency sofas and wonder why these heavenly people haven't become models or actresses or chosen any other exalted professional that leverages their good looks.


Instead, they have been hired by the biggest and best Media Houses to SELL MEDIA.




- Do old, grumpy, tough to crack and hard to convince MEN soften when they see Sexy, Good looking Sales 'chicks' selling to them?


- Is this a real world 'money cant't buy' gratification for them? To enjoy the soft pleadings and persuasions of young damsels urging them to buy a page in a magazine that has no proven readership or spots on a channel that is off the TRP charts?


- Does it temporarity (and mark the word temporarily) make them forget the rigors of media buying metrics and hard numbers and just make a decision on 'gut'...err...emotion?


Let me take of the silly lid and ask - DOES SEX SELL?


My personal belief is that it sometimes does take a deal a bit further, but then it STOPS there. Or let me even more candid in stating that maybe the Company does get one deal, but repeat business stalls UNLESS there is a real ROI involved. I am sure others have a different experience.


Also, the fun happens when the media buyer is a WOMAN! I wonder if astute media women buyers get PUT OFF by Chicks (who look better and sexier than them)


Even better - do they succumb to cute looking 'Toy Boys'??


What has been your experience in your domain in using Sexy, Good Looking People to SELL whatever it is that you are selling?? Do you think it is demeaning to people to be leveraged for their personal appeal in this way?!




Ps - I am NOT a sexist or someone who doesn't respect women and girls - Its quite the opposite!








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Yes, I agree with Jyoti. It is an attractive way of bringing you the customer, but for long term business, it won't work.

@Alok and Jyoti,


Actual sales or transaction team comprises of young personnel mostly from early to mid twenties. These age group has their own energy and sexiness.Buyers are generally from later ager groups who miss their twenties.


So I believe it is not about 'Does Sex Sell?' It is about being sexy (attractiveness and attitude).If you talk about large media buying agencies, industry works on glamor and glitz. So a simple girl working there in sales will become 'chick',  while a 'chick'  working in small/medium trading business will become 'behenji'.


Also being all thing equal (including real ROI) a girl (not just glamorous or beautiful) will sell better than a boy.



Why such Masala with no content, Alok?

You have done so much better when you do write informed posts or the one's based on your own experiences.

Regarding the topic itself, you are just stating the obvious. In enterprise sales where the buyer's (Business/Marketting owner) ass is on line , he does not usually have the liberty to make decisions based on emotions / his libido. He can obviously make small favors here and there but that's abt it.

Beauty or sex as you put it should surely help you reach / connect to the person faster. Which is probably why media agencies hire so many of good looking people in lead generation or direct sales but then your product has to be kickass to make a difference (again stating the obvious, but that's what the post is abt right?)

Sorry if you find the content 'Masala' but this is a very important discussion IMHO.


So many start up's are servicing media agencies and they are really trying hard to SELL.


Why should every discussion be about thermo nuclear systems of pneumatic designs?


For the startup owners who want to just bank on good-looking chick, may be they consider being 'pimps' at least they would ensure Roi to customers my 2 cents on sensasionalism
In the beginning, beauty does attract, but it the real thing and over-all after sales servic, which will bring the repeat and future longtime business unless it is Bollywood where glamour and beauty can reign supreme, as Jyoti has said.

I am part of one of India's biggest media agency (though I m in the BTL division ) and i see such people everyday, waiting at our reception & the entrance & this question, and this is THE Question I myself have been wondering since a long time....(U can even make out by their dressing that if they r from vogue/Cosmo type publications or from channels )


My perception about media selling has always been that media is bought by the planners because of the RELEVANCE/TG /TRPs/ etc...But seeing these Guuci clad girls, they have given a new defination to the same.

So I am also very interested to know from a Media Planner/Buyer, is that do they really buy media from a sexy looking chic, even if that media has no relevance to their client's media plan ?


I doubt. What is the value-Add even if the buyer gives the business to a hot selling chick. The game ends with Drooling any which ways.
This is going interesting and wish to see more replies on it, as my experience is Identifying customers needs proactively and giving best service works out better as you are already connected with the customer if you have understood the requirement. But this discussion definitely has meaning in the current scenario and time to come.
this surely is the mindset of the industry. personally I haven't applied to jobs which are biased tothewards hiring females. this is one experience i'll share ... few years back, onida had this opening for product head to which I had applied. incidently I was the only female short listed along with a guy. both of us reahed the last level. I was near closure until the hr came up and said...this post hasn't been occupied by a female..thus the mgmt was hesitant. this one surely blew me off.
Yes, I agree with Ms Dave, that in some companies, as in one I was employed, there is a prejudice against women, as it was a manufacturing company and there was a general belief that women won't do so much hard work and may be a distraction. But in other places, even in  IPL match, cheer leaders are there only for their beauty.  There was a joke in our company that all the employees went to the manager and asked to appoint a beautiful girl as steno. When the manager replied that she did not know how to type, one of the stenos said that all typing work will be done, u only give appointment to the beauty. 

Yep.....its a fact that "Females" do much better business than "Men"..but as Kinnari mentioned...could be a mindset....and then lets turn the tables...

what about guys who look super magnetic...with V shaped physiques...all face & body contours altered at salons or wherever.....and then go to sell media...?? !! ??..and thier customers maybe the handsome guys too ,.....and attractive females....so a couch exists there too ??.......& hence guys too sell media well enough in many of the "wayS" :)......its that the only medium of selling media ??....a million $ question.....i think...both are hand in glove...mindblowing looks with mindblowing brains..can make you sell anything under the sun........



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