My e-commerce joy ride has come across a bump.

I recently ordered a Blackberry from [order no : 1299114]. To my surprise when i switched it on, the message box had messages dating as back as May 2007.

I have been given a re-furbished one instead of a brand new one

Now i have to go through this hell of initiating a return the product, shipping the product at my own cost & waiting for a refund....some stupid extra work, when my day already looks pretty busy.

These sites have been heavily funded....why can't they get their basics right. Can't they do a proper vendor verification. Even the Blackberry team would tell them whether the vendor is authorized. Either the vendors are making a fool out of them or they are taking consumers for a ride.

It gives me a terror to think, what if the messages were neatly deleted from the inbox.....i would never have found it.

What do the QC departments [that they claim in so high spirits] do ??? & if they ship so efficiently, why can't they arrange for pick up ???

guys...BUY at your own risk.

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Aren't you suing them? You know Pearl Right?

No Alok, i'm not suing them. Unless they turn their back to this. Everyone should get one chance to improve :)

i've always had a feeling that sites selling cheap are not selling brand new goods or something is not right with them! I once bought a couple of ties from and found minor defects in both. and that was all i ever shopped from one of these deal sites ever.

just to add [order no : 1173661]
Trèsmode Sandals
When I opened the box I found them used with dirt stains all over.

I also ordered a Blackberry 9780 from them, which came with an Indian bill and warranty  from
The phone had a T-mobile logo on it and the warranty was 6 months from fashionandyou and not the 18 months one from  blackberry.

They both had QC stickers on them.  


thats sad..what i know is they don't have a vendor verification process. they'll sign on anyone who offers a good deal. secondly, they should have utilized the funding in strengthening their process rather than spending heavily on advertising...QC is the main key in the process as they don't directly control the products.


Thanx for sharing...I used to always come they are selling branded stuff on low costs ? Everytime there is a sale going huge discounts...that too on high branded stuff......:)

now it'z clear that they sell discarded or used stuff..or the stuff is secondhand...

as in why would someone sell a "Guess" Product with 60% discount...or a "Dior"  with 40% discount ? 

Hope you get your amount back or a new BB back...Cheers


Sorry but some more bad news...

You may have to fight for the returns, because they don't entertain refunds or exchanges for electronics:

i have initiated the process and they have called for the product...lets wait and watch. i'm shipping it back to them today.

WOW..lot of victims .Hope they learn after reading this article :)

Hope you took pictures of the product before shipping.  Here is one ecom sie to avoid.


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