hi to all,

recently i went to give an interview for the job position i had applied for.

the HRs were as usual questioning the same set of questions like...why do you want this and that...and why not this and that....blah blah blah to the power n

suddenly one HR asked me a question from that list of questions from the list that they possesse ;)....what do you want to do in future....??

i said calmly...to earn money in a satisfied job position.

her immediate reaction was....whatttttt?

i think i told her from the core of my heart what i really had in my mind.. but i think she was expecting more that she thought she had in her list of Q&A she possesses. May be she was expecting words like core strength, analytical, out of the box, passion and cbz and karizma and blah blah blah to the power n again ;)

But i think whatever one wants do in future relates to either one of the things or both the things that I mentioned.

the next question that she asked as really awkward....reallly out of the box!!!!

which one would you choose,family or money.....

to be very frank...i thought this question has been asked by an old creeping poor woman who has lost her husband in a shitty old bollywood movie and who thinks that her son is going to leave her without any money.

Now it was my time to do .....whatttttttttt?.....but just in my mind!!!

I said ...what is the relationship between money and family...

bill gates has money and family...same goes for ambanis and millions of other people who resides in our respected 'green earth'.

there were other question and rounds...but this question amused me the most when i got back from the interview


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and also there are questions like " You have only 3 years of exp ,and you are asking way too much" (ok ,you mean to say we recruit based on no of years at the back rather than skills")

or rhetoric questions "do you have any offers in hand"...WTH if i have...

and then comes the assurance

We are offering you based on profile matchup we use(dont know whats that)
but we are a great brand and provide excellent opportunities(ya sure)


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