Hello Fellow Rodinhooder's,

As a fellow member, I'm looking for help from anyone. The whole story is like this:

I was a customer of Rcom using their internet services with a monthly rental bill of Rs.800. All was good for a good year or so, however suddenly in Nov 2010 I got a bill for Rs. 11000. This obviously isnt legitimate and I asked Rcom for a clarification. They didn't and suggested to cancel the connection, which they did by collecting their stuff. All of a sudden, mid of last month from some person stating he is a lawyer from the Delhi Court and said I have to make the out-standing since I didnt respond to their court case. He only gave me 1 hr and said if you dont make the payment, he'll file the case and I wud have to b arrested and presented in Delhi. honestly, this shocked me and i made the payment.

What i wanted to find out was, is this doable by reliance. Can they extort money like that? there was no justification of the cost, no proof whether i used that content but was sickening to be at the receiving end like that. Really appreciate if any fellow rodinhooder could help me through this situation.

Your Fellow Rodinhooder

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Hi Sachin, I have gone through the same 2 years back........... Called up that We are calling from a Lawyers office and if you dont pay in an hour, then we would file a court case wherein you would have to hire a lawyer who would charge atleast Rs 1800 and could even ask for more..............

Though, I was right, but still paid up as the amount was Rs 2000 and if that was true then, it would be a headache for me and ultimately I would have to cough out more money.

I believe it is external agencies who do this and take a commission for the amount thus generated.

I think it's false front and the pay or else face a court case is to instill fear so that we pay immediately, just to settle this.

Generally such calls are made by telecom operators.I received a similar call from Airtel asking me to be present in delhi court.I asked them to send me a notice and talk to my lawyer.The tone changed and now they began talking about out of court settlement.

The guy who must have called you is actually a collection agent.Theey use legal as a way to threaten people.Their threats have no value.

I had similar experience with Tata Photon. I had requested for disconnection of service, which they didn't and I kept getting bill of 1350 INR per month. After three months, since I had not paid the bill they sent a lawyer. I followed up with Tata providing proof about request for disconnect but I got fed up following the lawyers and customer service and made the payment and got rid of their shitty service.

I also faced the same thing, got a legal notice for a mobile that I disconnected, after hazaar mails and follow up I managed to sort it out by a helpful Reliance employee - Sanjay - 9323331333

After that I have cancelled everything Reliance - Reliance Mobile, Reliance Broadband, Reliance Demat, Reliance Power, Life has been smooth since then. 



Hi Sachin Not to worry about these.I have the similar experience.These are only collection agents posing as lawyers.Just cut off the phone and save their numbers so that you don't answer their calls.ADAG is the biggest curse on this country.

I had an issue with Airtel a year back. I had settled with them and have a letter from them stating same. I received an sms on 23rd feb 2012 that a case registered and FIR filed against me in Delhi court. This simple statment was ridden with spelling errors. I called back and was told to pay within an hour. I informed that I have a NOC from Airtel. Still he was adamant and threaten me that I will be arrested and blah blah. I simply asked him to go ahead. I spoke to a lawyer friend, she told me if he calls back askem them to talk to her. I have not recieved any call since then. Name of Advocate from Delhi Tees Hazari court was Rohan Khanna.Cell no was 7891231179


I have faced similar issues with Tata Indicom and Tikona. Have written about it on my blog. They did not mention anything about a court case though. The problem is that there is very little to no communications within departments. Also, lot of processes are outsourced so no one has a clue of what's going on. 



I am still using Tata Indicom as I have no choice as of now. Got an ongoing issue where they have charged me double for last 4 months. I discovered this when a local tata indicom operator told me that I am paying high while others are getting same plans at lower price.


All these telecom operators hire Collection agencies follow these tactics to threaten people and extort money. Ideally you should have waited for the notice he was taking about and responded.

Actually it is just a tactic used to threaten people used by collection agencies of credit card, bank and telecom companies to fullfill their targets.

You could also have used http://www.delhipolice.nic.in/home/helpline/helpline.aspx

Or dialed 1090 to report any such case which acts very strongly in these cases

These calls are definitely by the Collection agencies to whom these companies(actually all company including Airtel & also credit card companies) hire them, & I know a few people in my area who are actually gunda kind of people having no work, Thanks to MNC's & other Indian companies that they have now turned to part-time gunda's & part-time collection agents. They get very good cut of the money collected(extorted). I had read somewhere that there is a law amended that no one can force to give money & also as customers we have better chance & rights in the law & court.

I feel you should file a suit against the company for harassment & also damages caused to you by these people, I think seeing at the info you have given, You will be on the winning side & you should get your money & also the damages back. Hope you have given the money to them in form of Cheque or if cash then you have accepted proper receipt to prove you have paid them.

There are  some companies which buy outstandings from companies like banks, mob operators etc.., they pay a share and buy the right to collect the amount outstanding, I have recd a call long time back for a credit card payment from HSBC which did not complete and I had recd such a call as well, I told the idiot(so called lawyer) to go jump in ocean,never recd a call back..

 Pls go this website :-http://www.ccccore.co.in/ - as this website is supported by, DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Govt. of India) 

Go to Complaint registration and I am 150% sure, your issues will be resolved in 10-15 days. and you can also give the reference number of the Complaint to anyone calling from Rcom oOR on RCOM's bhalf

 Pls go this website :-http://www.ccccore.co.in/ - as this website is supported by, DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Govt. of India) 

Go to Complaint registration and I am 150% sure, your issues will be resolved in 10-15 days. and you can also give the reference number of the Complaint to anyone calling from Rcom oOR on RCOM's bhalf


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