Preface by Alok on 31/3/2013:

On February 13th, 2012, Deepak Sharma started this post on It took 20,000 page views, 193 comments and innumerable cases of cheating, complaints, follows ups and god knows what to put an end to this menace??? 

I know 'Caveat Emptor' (Buyer Beware), but what when we become BEWARE?? what happens then??


Original post by Deepak:

Browsing the HeadStart Community Google Groups post today I found out about this very shocking complaint; more like an outcry for help. Sharing the whole situation & my online Jassosi.

Complaint against:-


Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

B-26 Second Floor, Sector 8
Noida, Uttar Pradesh -201301


I also found so many other similar complaints on web :-


THIS COMPANY CLAIMS ON THERE WEBSITE THAT " is Rated No. 1 for “User Experience” by Dataquest Magazine + Sapient-Nitro Research in Jan'11 within 7 months of launch."




update: e-mail sent by the ceo to me (Alok) and deepak on 17th Feb 2012


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arindam Bose <>
Date: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 5:24 PM
To: Alok Kejriwal <>
Cc: Deepak Sharma <>,, Tajender Khurana <>

Alok / Deepak :

Yes I agree its bad. 

No excuse - but we are doubling our turnover for the last 3 months. And we are a little over a
year in biz. The organization and the fulfillment (team, sourcing etc) could not keep up with
the speed for Dec and Jan. Because we are new some customers panicked and others who
got on time were delighted.

We reached out to the affected customers, toned down our marketing, strengthened supplier
relationship and just about come out of the "delay" phase.

Try us out sometime.


Arindam Bose
MD and Chief Customer Officer


UPDATE: 31/3/2013 - Timtara Bosses arrested




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I assume you know that the owner of CC Avenues - Vishwas Patel is a fellow Rodinhood?

Let's see if we can pursue vishwas to do something.

Yeh..this is quite common now. As in other post, i described, fraud happens in different ways, either by selling counterfeit products or damaged ones.

Surprisingly, Big players (by views) like indiatimes shopping and rediff lead in these frauds. I think they are too comfortable having their available userbase. Indiatimes, which has very powerful channel for marketing (their news paper) are biggest fraudster ....Am still waiting for any response from them on partial delivery. (2+ month)

What we need is some neutral (open) site / forum which aggregates these reviews and complaints...Consumerforum and some others are there but they are not usable (Most of them are just forums)....something like GetSatisfaction is needed for this.

Thanks for your valuable input, I totally agree with you & you have put some very valid points too. Being a corporate lawyer, I work closely with companies to resolve these kind of issues & it was strange for me to see someone from our community suffering like this. I have notified the company, let's see & wait for their response.

I have myself filed a case against the company in consumer court.
I had ordered a music system and it was delivered in shattered state weeks after my order... 

Initially they said they would reverse pick up and deliver a fresh one.. nothing happened for months..

They are luring the customers by offer straight 1,000/-, 2,000/- or 2,500/- discount...

I am wondering if DATAQUEST and SAPIENT-NITRO are aware about their recommendation 

Get in touch with me in free time, I'm taking this case up. Since morning got 3 cases against them. 2 look pretty strong too. I will make sure 1 fraud is less in ecom business.

may be thats why they dont have C.O.D(Cash on Delivery) option

The company is in total mess. They need a savior NOW. They need to have a public face.

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Dear Deepak ji,
This is to bring to your kind notice that i  have purchased Whirlpool FATL Washing Machine 7.0 Kg Whitemagic 700 H against the order Id 10286190 on 10.07.2012 from timtara website.On the same day i got a mail from Timtara Customer first Id that my product is ready for shipment(Tailed mail for reference).When i saw the status in my timtara account it came "Awaiting Shipment".From then onwards it was showing the same status.I have contacted Timtara Customer care at 0135-3051500 several times.They were answering that we have forwarded to our backend team they will ship the material within 24 working hours.But till now nothing happened.Kindly take some initiation from your end for shipping the material as soon as possible and make justice to my hard earned money.Awaiting for positive reply.

Suresh Koyyana

They simply are trying to get sales, spending un-managed budget ads on Adwords without proper optimisation & giving Rs:3500/- coupons directly on the website, Ever seen a website whose homepage says purchase & use "XXX" coupon to get 3500 off, by this they lure customers & they probably are in the race of showing turnover in the same fashion flipkart, fny & other portals showed & got funding, but these poor fellows do not know to manage the customers, hype the market, giving service, brand credibility, Lastly they do not know what eCommerce & Internet is & they are dreaming of getting funds & exit from this but I pity on them., I am sending them a legal notice, Hope I get paid by them.

I too have similar complaint, I also ordered 14000 rs product, and not delivered yet

Please forward me with or Order Number. Let's see if we can get you a quick resolution.

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