Preface by Alok on 31/3/2013:

On February 13th, 2012, Deepak Sharma started this post on It took 20,000 page views, 193 comments and innumerable cases of cheating, complaints, follows ups and god knows what to put an end to this menace??? 

I know 'Caveat Emptor' (Buyer Beware), but what when we become BEWARE?? what happens then??


Original post by Deepak:

Browsing the HeadStart Community Google Groups post today I found out about this very shocking complaint; more like an outcry for help. Sharing the whole situation & my online Jassosi.

Complaint against:-


Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

B-26 Second Floor, Sector 8
Noida, Uttar Pradesh -201301


I also found so many other similar complaints on web :-


THIS COMPANY CLAIMS ON THERE WEBSITE THAT " is Rated No. 1 for “User Experience” by Dataquest Magazine + Sapient-Nitro Research in Jan'11 within 7 months of launch."




update: e-mail sent by the ceo to me (Alok) and deepak on 17th Feb 2012


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Arindam Bose <>
Date: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 5:24 PM
To: Alok Kejriwal <>
Cc: Deepak Sharma <>,, Tajender Khurana <>

Alok / Deepak :

Yes I agree its bad. 

No excuse - but we are doubling our turnover for the last 3 months. And we are a little over a
year in biz. The organization and the fulfillment (team, sourcing etc) could not keep up with
the speed for Dec and Jan. Because we are new some customers panicked and others who
got on time were delighted.

We reached out to the affected customers, toned down our marketing, strengthened supplier
relationship and just about come out of the "delay" phase.

Try us out sometime.


Arindam Bose
MD and Chief Customer Officer


UPDATE: 31/3/2013 - Timtara Bosses arrested




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Just Read they are going to diversify into lifestyle vertical.


Anyone out there to stop them from cheating?

Hello All,

Would like to share my experience of shopping at timtara,

I had ordered a mobile phone 29th february , which was finally recieved by me on 27th march

that is almost a month , the amount of efforts i had to put can be summarised below

* i wrote them more then 80 mails, in a period of 25 days averaging 3 mails a day

* i launched complains on customer forums like consumer daddy,akosha

* launched a complain on

* wrote several mails to the ceo , telling about their degrading service

*threatened their customer service executive to approach news channels ,

* contact for de listing timatara as they are listed as a re seller on and amazon venture

*wrote a mail to ccavenues regarding this issue id is

i am relieved that i got my product , but in the end some take aways from this experience are

timtara is a useless website, rather go for some reliable website like flipkart 

use cash on delivery,

Hope this helps

This is a bullshit by Arindham Bose. As it goes " A thief once is a thief always". I am a recent victim of Consulting Pvt. Ltd.). After placing the order, Timtara does a vanishing act. It wont answer my calls no reply to e-mail. I need my refund. Is there anyone in this forum who can guide me to justice and teach them a lesson.

I have purchased some items from timtara on March 15,2012. But I havent received them yet. They are still awaiting shipment since March 16,2012. I also talked to their customer care representative. Last week ( first week of april) , they were saying that the order has been shipped on saturday but on calling after a week, they were saying the order has not been shipped yet. Following are the details of the order.
Transaction Id : 10096707
Order Date: 15th Mar 2012 07:24 pm
Payment Mode: Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking

Bill Raised To:
Mohit Mittal 
953 MIG 1 HUDCO 
Bhilai, CHATISGARH 490009
Mobile Number: 8103854136

Order no 10215800 Samsung galaxy y S5360 Rs 6240
Order no 10215802 Philips QT4019 trimmer RS 929 
Order no 10215804 Samsung Galaxy y S6102 Rs 7677
Shipping Rs 99
Total Rs 14846

My contact no is 8103854136

Please help me. I feel as I have been cheated by this site and this cause me a huge loss of money as well as that of time. These are my savings by which I am going to purchase these items. I even mailed them and complaint also on their site. But of no use. 

Hi Mohit,

I will explain my experience with timtara.

I Felt the same thing after purchase a product in timtara. but after 4 weeks. I got one of my product after 16 days and second one on 20 th day of my purchase. I think it is not a fraud website but it may be a real site and thier service is poor may be i expect. After Purchase in timtara I was afraid due to the reviews which i seen in websites about timtara. But after 20 days I got my two products.



What did you purchase raghu..?? was that more than 10k stuff..??

Hi Nohit,

I purchased one samsung mobile and Tea Electric Kettle total ordered amount is 10,500.



Hello Raghu, 

I hope you could see the number of emails me & Alok are getting for this company. Fraud maybe, irresponsible & liars definitely..


Hey deepak and alok..

Please take even my case under consideration while filing any case against that company or tell me the procedure to how to go after dem...

Alok was too overloaded with emails specially since we were bombarded with people cc'ng us in each and every communication. I firmly believe that mediation is best possible way. Need my help email me with few basic details & lets talk over next week. Heard a few of the peps emailed me earlier have got their products replaced. [Read I have only 2 such confirmed people rest God knows?]


Hi Deepak,

Yeah it seems to..Ok Deepak, Let me explain my way of approch to timatara after order. Please take a look.

I faced lot of trouble to get contact with customer care. I called total 600 times and 45 Mails. And I got a doubt about this company when I saw all reviews in different sites, then I have descided to send my friend who is in noida. I asked him to go and enquire the timtara address (Info secure pvt ltd) which they mentioned in the website. My friend went there and he confirmed me that company address is Perfect. and he met Raja Singh also. I spoke to Raja singh with my friend mobile.

As per my friend. he told me that. the company address is right and there are around +50 Employees are working there.


Raghu Y

Wow, That is great news so you mean to say anyone who wants to get their money back or wants to talk to these Timtara guys needs to send  friend to their office? Don't you think these Timtara people have a responsibility toward people getting harassed by them day & night. People are filing Police complaints toward these fraudsters & just cos their address is correct should they be not prosecuted for fraud. They are 2 bit cheats if you ask me.


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