Hashchat - Best twitter app for #events and #conference - A product of All Events

After a long time of hard work and patient development, All Events (http://allevents.in) has become one of the world's largest event portal and finally All Events releases the best twitter app for events and conferences named HashChat - chat over hashtag. 

The Journey started about four months back when we felt that there were just too many events with too many interesting people and we could not keep in touch with all of them to be effectively.

We started looking at means and alternatives from the conventional online networking to even maintaining analog diaries. Sadly nothing kept the things the way as you would have liked them to be! Losing on the updates of people we met was something obviously we did not like. 

One fine day we decided that we should do something about it. As a result is what you now call HashChat, it took a lot from beta testing to our programmers working day and night for it. We thank sincerely each and everyone associated with the making of HashChat! You folks are awesome! and we are all proud of each other. 

Now whatever be that story, the real journey starts with you. Yes the one who will actually be using HashChat. We wish that you like it and share your experience with us and your friends.

So how can it help you at events and conferences?

HashChat creates a virtual Chatroom out of tweets, hashtags and people talking about an Event or Conference which you would not want to miss. Quickly introduce yourself to people you meet during Events and get back to them later with HashChat's "QuickIntro". HashChat is also a fully featured twitter app with a design and user interface that touches simplicity with beauty.

Features that you would love to use:


Creates a Chatroom from the Hashtag of an event, conference or a trending topic. #rooms lists the current existing hash rooms being used and where you can join in. You also have the freedom to create new #rooms.

  • Creates Chatroom from Hashtag
  • Tweet Chat Conversation style
  • Quickly mention people in Chat
  • Hide/Block tweets from unwanted people in chatroom and tweet feeds
  • Auto scroll/update conversation
  • Invite friends to ongoing chatroom conversation


Quick Intro

There are many instances when we meet someone at a conference or at a meeting for while and we wish to stay connected. QuickIntro does just that! By introducing you to the people you meetwith all the contact details you wish to reveal. It also helps to keep a track of the people you meet.

  • Send quick introductions to people you meet in Events
  • View sent introductions history


Feature Rich Twitter App

HashChat is a beautiful full-featured Twitter app. HashChat has all twitter functions and much more!

  • View your timeline, mentions, direct message, new tweets, retweet
  • Reply tweets, send direct messages, Follow and unfollow, Browse your friends and followers
  • Discover trending topics by Country and Geolocation
  • Upload photos using Twitpic
  • Search tweets and people
  • Hide tweets from unwanted people
  • Notifications, Mention Alerts
  • Color coded tweets



List out all the people in the #rooms. So you can see their profiles, meet, connect and grow your network.

  • Displays users active in chatrooms
  • View HashChat app user's with company & Industry profile
  • Connect with Event attendees, follow them, grow your network.

Download this amazing app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amitech.hashchat   

Got any suggestion for Hashchat? You can post your feedback at http://hashchat.me/feedback


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sounds amazing. Will definitely try it out.

Good luck.

shouldnt we try this for our 27th event ?!!

someone volunteering?!

that is cool one

Completly Unique.. Lets try it



FYI - Just from a naming and TM viewpoint, there is a iphone app called HashChat

yes we know it.. and also they have reserved hashchat.com domain and they are just wasting it. 

Finally, someone's trying to solve the problem. As a User #Room and #Feature Richness are conveniences for me. My real problem at the events I attend is knowing the attendees. Networking is so difficult. I tried using bizzabo but to no avail. 

Another challenge is the need for everyone in the conference to use it for it to be effective. This has to be actively promoted by event organizers. 

Good luck with the app. And I look forward to the iPhone version.

Thanks for your comment :) we are working on the iPhone and Windows version. We will soon release it. 


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