I started blogging first on 'Rodinhood.com'.

Rodinhood is inspired from Rodin - who sculpted 'The Thinker' and Robin Hood who 'got things done'. Hence Thinking+Doing = Rodinhood.

This is the logo of Rodinhood.com as designed by a USA logo company called 'Logobee'.

A year later, I started 'Therodinhoods.com' and the site even since has never had a logo.

The challenge was how to create 'plurality' in the logo, given that therodinhoods.com is a 'social networking site for enterprising people'

I explained this challenge to logobee, and they just come back with these logo's.
















Can you please help all of us as community members, choose the logo / suggest changes to these logos above and or / mix and match ideas etc?

Its important that the Logo has a Unisex appeal, for sure!

Please just comment below!

Many thanks!




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I can relate with the Bulb logo. Light emitted in 4 directions.

In the other logos Arrow represent represent something else or may be a cupid.

1st one and the bulb theme logo. We can go with Bulb theme logo.

All of them except the one with the arrows through the bulb are very generic. The bulb is obviously signifying thinking. Not sure what the arrows convey?

But it has uniqueness/differentiability, which according to me is more important then significance.

I feel second one

My vote for the  number 3 by including number 4 (the thinking bulb in between).....that should complete the picture......the colour red should be as is signifiying vibrancy,sharpness and captivating...


No. 7 !!!!

The Light Bulb One is the Best 

a few of the  Other ones look Like  some Footbal Club's Logo's or too Warlike


So i feel all of the above logos have elements that are great, but no one logo really hits the spot. 

Here's what i feel:

1) Shield makes it more of an insignia, very hard to feel like it has to do with social networking / entrepreneurs, more like a men's club. 

2) The attempt at merging Rodin with Rodinhood is laudable but needs to go all the way, right now it's neither here nor there.

3) Seems a bit forced like archer = robin hood + thinker = rodin + multiple = socialnetworking - feels like a stew of requirements without any interplay

4) Lightbulb is a good approach, but then can't be a standard incandescent bulb, needs to be more stylized .  Also, may be it could be a lightbulb in a sort of "lightbulb farm" with one glowing and spreading arrows to a few more which are lit by the arrows.  A sort of idea spreading motif across a network

5) Really like the "R" shape embedded in the thinker's seat.  This is my favourite of the lot, though i do feel the action part of it is lost and not really conveyed by the arrows.

6) I just don't like this, it feels like the sign you would see on sport shoes

7) Again shield.


1)  The light bulb logo with a little more thought on how to integrate the themes looks like it has promise.  You will almost certainly lose the "rodin" + "robin hood" origins, but are they more important or are the "thinking + doing" more important (do you need both?)

2) Maybe take one fully developed thinker in the pose in "3" give him a seat like in "5", the cap like in "2",  right hand for thinker pose, left hand resting on a bow, arrow resting on the foot of the bow forming the cross of the "h" which is created by the thinkers leg + the arrow +the stalk of the "T" in The Rodinhood.

My vote for the one where "the" isn't highlighted...the ones on the right....all of us would be addressed as Rodinhood & not "The" Rodinhood. Its more like a middle name. Next..the green one is apt, as it keeps the audience wandering whether the entrepreneur Rodinhood is thinking or doing. Both this activity seem to be enclosed inside one person in the logo v/s the others where in it portrays 2 personalities / people. The Green logo clearly marries thinking with doing & doesn't keep them separate. Lastly, the color Green signifies growth, peace, blah, blah.

On 1 front, Rodin+Hood means 'Thinking' + 'Doing'. On 2nd front, it is 'a social networking site for enterprising people'. So the logo should be able to signify both of these things. 

Logo 1: Good attempt where sitting man is 'thinking' and archer is 'doing'. It also carries the legacy of rodinhood.com. But somewhere that social networking thing is missing. Also, unable to get the purpose of shield. 

Logo2: 3 men 'thinking'. 'Doing' part is missing. Not fully connected to the theme. 

Logo3: Somewhat taken from logo1. Shield is missing. Hence seem to be better than Logo1 comparatively.

Logo4: Best amongst all. 

Logo5: Again, only 'thinking' part. Very difficult to connect the arrows with 'doing'.

Logo6: Unable to connect anything. 

Logo7: A bit confusing as it has all the elements but clarity is missing. 'Thinking' man over a shield + hidden man carrying bow n arrow. 

Overall, the font of Rodinhood.com is most appealing. So we can use Logo 4 (Light bulb) with rodinhood.com font i.e the font used in logo 1 & 3. This will have an element of legacy (using old font), thinking (Light bulb), doing (arrows), social networking (bulb spreading light in all direction like the spread of ideas). 

Number 4 or 7


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What does 'Rodinhood' mean?

Rodinhood is inspired from Rodin - who sculpted 'The Thinker' and Robin Hood who 'got things done'. Hence Thinking+Doing = Rodinhood.

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