Hii,Need help in starting a Online store.(E-Commerce website)

First of all kudos to all of you and my special thanks to Mr.Alok for this initiative,although this is my first post I keep a follow up on all the activities and discussions happening on Rodinhood.

After listening and getting shared by so many innumerable journeys of members over here..

I am taking a plunge to start a E-Store of mine.

Let me introduce myself..I am Ashish Baharani an alumnus of 2010 batch of MBA...From the first day itself enrolling into MBA I made up my mind of starting something of my own..So as the blessings of friends and family..I started my own retail store in 2010 of Tees in the most reputed mall..Initially I was retailing only Tantra tees (A bombay brand) as an EBO and lately added more brands of tees in store which got a tremendous response..Right now most of our customers are either NRI's or People based in other cities but belonging to hometown..

Now I am looking forward to start my E store as I am already having the stocks and all the other requirements (VAT,Tin No.etc) which are needed ready..I really want to build a website of repute to cater the younger audience as our major clientele is of that age group..

How can I go about it ?? I have seen many E stores starting and closing up soon as sales dint pick up much...??Where should be my main focus??Initially I want a trial run before spending much on the webstore as to test run the response..??

Thank you..

You guys are really doing a good job...."RESPECT" is the right word..

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Hello Sai,

I want to setup my own ecommerce retail portal. Is it required to apply for TIN No. and other requirement related to billing before opening online portal.?

Hi Tanay Neema

   First of all you consult your CA, who can guide you, because when you are selling some thing on your portal means, you have to pay tax to the government. and it depends on the category of ecommerce, its like only dress or books or  e commerce portal like flipkart where you can sell any thing..  so depending upon the item you sell, you have to pay different tax to the gov according to the item. 

  So better sit with CA and discuss in full detail. It will help you alot

Hi Ashish,

I would suggest you to go with DIY ecommerce platforms like Zepo. It is very easy to set up your own store with them and it costs very less too.(Zepo plans start from Rs.899 per month) They also have you with payment gateway and logistics support.

You can take a 14 Days free trial with them and check out !

Link: Zepo

If you require any help, you can reach me at ventures529@gmail.com

May I know which kind of Certificate/Document required to start E commerce website in retail industry like Bigbasket,Local Banya etc. .?

Hi Ashish,

If you are looking for a trail run before spending too much of eCommerce, I think the solution we offer at 72interactive is the best. Simply no body in India can offer your such feature rich store at this price.

Please take a look at our packages http://www.72interactive.in/packages/affordable-ecommerce-store.html and let me know how do you wish to go about it.

If you wana look at our work please visit following website:





For more details please visit www.72interactive.in or call me at +919811122212



Hi Ashish... Waiting for your response. Let me know when can we speak!

Hi .... if you want a detailed hand guidance on setting up your goals, site etc. do reach out Samir@perspective.net.in

you can also checkout one of the sites I have built.... www.artbugs.in

My focus will be on GTM - Marketing and Sales plans

Ashish, please share your email. I would drop you an email. If you visit to take a look at our services and portfolio please visit www.72interactive.com 




was wondering if you have launched a site since ur write up. would be interesting to know how it went and how it is now. Sites often go revamps in initial years since lot of it is hit n trial.

For us, we have redone our site 3 times in last three years for we were always looking for something which dint show in final product. we have gotten closest to what we wanted in the current form. Sales and profitability of course is another ball game altogether

regds  Sanchita ( Co-Owner www.indiacod.com, the mobile accessories shop)

Hi Ashish.

You can create an online store with Kartrocket for free.

You can even manage your store on the go with Kartrocket online seller app

This DIY ecommerce platform offers you mobile responsive website with a Free payment gateway.

Also you get a SEO ready store, all for free.

Create. Sell. Upload. All From Your Mobile. Now, your smartphone can help you become an online entrepreneur. Create Free Online Store in minutes and start selling on Whatsapp & Facebook to get quick sales. Download Kartrocket online seller app today! http://goo.gl/40Ad8t


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