We all have presentations that we are proud of or may need help with.  

Also, presentations can always be improved.

Why not share these presentations on the site and let others benefit from your knowledge and also give you critcial feedback?

This is the simplest way to feature your PPT on therodinhoods.com:

First of all, please watch this video - this is a really easy-to-follow, step by step guide!

And if you need further guidance:

1. Select your PPT (Microsoft Power Point).

2. Go to Slideshare.net and set up an account (if you dont have one. It takes less than a few seconds - with Facebook sign up etc) 

3. UPLOAD your PPT to slideshare.

4. Now look at the top portion of your slideshare presentation page. See Embed?

Click on it and click on the small link called 'Customize' below the code

This is what you will see and what you need to pay attention to: 

5. My suggestion would be choose the largest size - the 595*497 because it looks nice on therodinhoods.com. Also if you DONT have other ppt's on slideshare - TICK the 'without related content' box.

6. Copy the EMBED CODE that you see above in the box marked. 

7. Now, Travel to therodinhoods.com and open a discussion page on therodinhoods.com and click on the HTML editor that you see on the top right of the text page:


Give your PPT a Title and then just TYPE a few words of your PPT in the main page in this mode and then PASTE the code after your text.

Click to 'Visual Mode' and give it a couple of seconds and you will see a yellowing screen with the "f" flash button inside. The ppt will NOT show in this screen. 

8. That's it! Add the keywords at the bottom, save (use presentations as a category) and you are SET. Save and refresh to see your PPT.

9. Make sure you add an image to your post (maybe your logo) or simply embed one snap shot of the PPT so that it shows up in social media posts when shared.

Excited??? Get Started here! 


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@Alok: Does this work now ? I tried to embed a presentation of mine (http://www.slideshare.net/npsomaratna/nayana-somaratna-who-am-i), but it does not appear, even after following these instructions to the letter.
did u embed the OLD CODE?
Hey, hey - come on, I am not exactly an amateur with regard to this (no offense intended). I made sure to follow the instructions to the letter.

I was too busy today to debug the embedding process (thank you Firebug !). I'll give it a retry tomorrow.
Nayana - added it here - following the same instructions as on the site. I think in the last stage you may not be pasting it in html?

But I did so ! Multiple times in fact ?!


Let me try again and see ....

It failed when I tried it again.


Then I "edited" the post and pasted the code yet again - *then* it worked.


Strange .....

wippi uploaded my first presentation in the group. Alok waiting for comments from you. 


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