How to reach all Rodinhoods? Is there a surefire way?

Dear Rodinhoods,

I learnt from the site that there are around 1733 members. I would like this community to grow and expand rapidly. My point is I would like to understand the need of the Rodinhoods so that I can formulate a strategy to serve them. The point is, I would like to offer guidance, mentoring, idea analysis, testing etc.

Now, understand that neither I am a doctor nor the RDs are patient who would need a one-to-one consultation. The consultation part comes later once the idea is accepted and to be tested before putting some efforts into it.

So, I am thinking of having a small survey to understand their needs. Please help me refine this idea and let me know how to reach the full community in the shortest possible time.


Prasaad Gadkari

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Dear Prasaad,

Great thought, and thanks for thinking about the rodinhoods with such noble intentions.

Question or rather point is - the 1733 people all have different needs!

And they 'hang out' here and learn from each other, as much as help each other and sometimes commercially work with other..

So, I really did not understand your single point proposition?!


(A rodinhooder)


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