In the last 14 years or so I've received zillions of e-mail proposals. On an average day I get 200 e-mails (not counting spam and social media notifications). So how does one break the clutter and get my (or the next person's) undivided attention? By writing an EFFECTIVE E-MAIL!

It need not always be creative or out-of-the-box. Simple, direct and effective usually work the best. Add a little intrigue and it becomes memorable.

Here some of my tips to write an effective e-mail. 

There is a homework slide in the end. So PLEASE PLEASE e-mail us your examples so we can update this PPT with the best e-mails (yes, we'll give you credit!). Also comment with your own special tips!

[Ps - If you are browsing via a mobile device, click on the IN logo (linkedin) and directly view this deck on slideshare. The UX is much better :-) ]




There is a wonderful example of how someone wrote a "terrible e-mail" and how I told him off and then how he took the feedback so positively that I created a post about it! - The Egoless, Hungry, Humble Entrepreneur ALWAYS WINS . [I'm sure I've told off many many people but only a few took it in the right spirit :-) ]

Another unconventional example is a PPT i received recently! It got my attention for sure! 

Share some examples of effective e-mails you've received in the past...



UPDATE BY ASHA - dec 31, 2013

We've been getting shiploads of emails. Sharing one of the best (as selected by Alok)


Superb Start Team IIE!

Dinesh Juneja <>
1:22 AM (10 hours ago)
to alokme
Hi Team,
Hope you're doing well.
I came across your reference on the community. Truly appreciate the initiative and with such a service being the need of the hour, it has the potential to go a long way.
As a Digital Marketer, I was hoping to contribute with some quick suggestions that might help you grow your venture. Do share your kind feedback if you think they might work:
1. Build a mobile friendly website: Majority people view updates on their phones. So, make sure your website is mobile compatible and a variety of browsers. Don't forget to keep the content simple, straight forward and focused on the WHAT, WHY, HOW.
2. Focus on one channel: Stick to focusing on only one medium to start with. As you are aiming to reach aspiring/early entrepreneurs, LinkedIn would be the most suitable option to explore.
3. Invite Viewpoints: Do try approaching established entrepreneurs in helping you spread the message. They have a fan following of the right kind of TG that you are looking to reach. A few suggestions would include Mahesh Murthy, Vishal Gondal and Kunal Shah.
If you need any further assistance, do share your co-ordinates and I will get in touch with you. And in case you are in Delhi, do join us for a cup of coffee at our office in Noida.
We run a young Digital Advertising firm - Creativa India and would love to have you over.
Wishing you all the very best.

Dinesh Juneja
Co-Founder | Creativa India
M: +91-9871112247
T: +0120-4159625
One Stop Advertising LLP
Connect with me on: 
Creativa India - Connecting People using digital media, as PEOPLE are most important




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the first #MockMail has hit my inbox!!!!


Hello Dear Alok Sir,

Tweeted you about two months ago to ask that how can I meet to you, and you asked me to mail but I was very confused that how to write you and what to write.

Now when you are suggesting me the format I'll surely be able to send you a perfect mail. 

Thanks to share this awesome presentation. Will drop my experimental mail to you :P Hahahaha



Seems like its Recipe  of Spam emails !!

I do receive such formated email and most of them are spams.

Even someone unknown adress me by greeting me with some good words and all, my trigger hits oh man not again,

And I just read few more line to confirm if its spam or not, and trash it as soon as possible.

some of time it may not be spam but it triggers my 7th Sense (I ve one Extra).

sorry this did not work for you. How about helping in writing guidelines for people that doesn't sound like a 'recipe for spam mails'?

I think main thing here we lack is effective subjectline, most of emails

dont have good subject line which is indicative of content, if Subjectline is Enough to create interest to recipient it will never go to spam, less words and which speaks more.

First mail shall never have complete details about recipient's interest and recipient shall be obliged to reply back you for asking for detailed information.

People never respond to something they don't want to know more about. so create interest with basic information which doesn't sound like some scam or phishing.

P.S. If you are writing Newsletter contents Follow W3C Compliance and Can Spam Act Compliance, Make sure your list is clean and double opted.

Ok i think when i saw this post first, that slide didnt appeared at first(may be slow internet), and i just seen that image with 5 steps, I take my words back. read whole ppt, and found it contains what i look for.

I did try and received an amazing feedback from Alok. Thank you Alok ji.

Hi Alok,

Just a minor correction that I would like to point out.

The use of the word, "revert" is very popular in emails. However, "revert" does not mean respond, or will respond; it actually is more pertinent to science - 'to take something back to its original state'.

The usage of the word in your PPT will mislead most of us to continue using this word in our emails to mean - respond. Albeit your usage of the word is not incorrect, but in forethought it is better to omit this word completely while talking about emails to remove its incorrect usage.

Thank you for this PPT, it does take one back to basics; which we tend to forget over time and as a result end up making poorly written emails passé

just updated the post with one of the best emails sent to us by Dinesh Juneja!

Thanks would be an understatement Sir and Asha ma'am. This is the best gift I could have got for myself and my team. I started up because of Sir, watching him at IIT-Bombay Entrepreneurship Summit in 2009 in discussion with Mr. Vishal Gondal and Mr. Mahesh Murthy and this coming from him means the most to me.

Once again, I truly value your time and effort in going through each mail. One of them being mine. Best wishes for the New Year to everyone at Rodinhood.

Obo, Jgd

Warm Regards,

Dinesh Juneja

This Post would always be a Part of the Arsenal, Locked and Loaded!! 

Bookmarked and Ready to Shoot as and Whenever Required! :)


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