The rain is always welcomed in mumbai with a mixed response.

Different flavours are always felt as each year passes down the memory lane.


Pardon the above given philosophical makeup ;)


Now the real story.....

I was sitting with my senior collegues in the office cafeteria when the problem related to rain sprang up. One of them said ,"how should we know that a perticular road is filled with water or the road is jammed in the wee office hours. My car always get stuck up in those mind shattering jams!"


He was right, bcoz the radio fm updates by their unqualified "Rain-astrologist" can end your your 'trip to office' in a mess.


The other senior replied very calmly. He said," See, I use to give Rs 500 to a shopkeeper whose shop is nearby the concerned area. Before leaving I call him up and ask him whether the road is clear, or whether it has started being filled up. The 500 makes it up for the 3 months of monsoons.

I was really impressed by the solution and a business plan for the shopkeepers ;)





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