Remember the good old Maruti Ad ??

Here have a look at this video.

"For a country obsessed with mileage" Maruti hits the right chords.

So correct. The country is obsessed with mileage, value for money and  price over service. For us, Its Price first and then the rest.

Let's talk e-commerce (Flipkart actually)

Flipkart the poster boy of Indian e-commerce, redefined the e-commerce by its service. Kudos to them. They've been the best in consumer delight, and why not when they offered huge discounts, quick delivery, replaced your items even after a month's use and all that at VC their own expenses.

But yeah, a delighted consumer :)

The Prices

Things changed in last two months - when Flipkart decided to move towards profitability and started reducing the discounts and most of the products featured now are at raised prices (compared to past). 

Consumer delight service continues (Kudos to them again !!) with the belief that the old happy consumer will continue buying the services (now, a little expensive though) happily.


In the past Flipkart has mostly been at the top of the list among the price comparison sites for offering the lowest prices. They've been a major contributor in the commissions to these sites as affiliate commissions, for driving their sales.

But few days back, they've changed their terms & conditions and do not allow price comparison sites as their affiliates. Are they suspicious on their own belief ?

[Image: Screenshot from]

Back to the Prices

Price matters, and the Flipkart has become more expensive than other e-commerce players in most of the products.
I was looking for the new Samsung galaxy S3, and here is the difference I found between Flipkart and Zoomin. That is almost 2000 INR.

Now, I don't think I will throw 2,000 more even if they deliver it to me the same day.

I am just curious to know -

Will you Flipkart it, when you can actually BUY it (for much lower) ??? 

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Hi Punnet

 From my end for big priced products i can go to nearby dealer or distributor and get the product for some less amount or even i can change my mind after seeing similar products. touch them feel the UI and then plan.. so for high priced items i prefer to buy in local market



I agree with you on the price front. Other sites are offering some products at much cheaper rates than Flipkart with satisfactory level of service. I recently bought a book from Uread which was about Rs. 90 cheaper than on Flipkart. While Flipkart promised to deliver it in 2-3 business days Uread promised 2-4. But let me tell you I usually do not receive parcels in that time period because of my location. I got the book in 5 days which was still quick in my opinion. At least on the books front Flipkart has lost this customer.

 Price is important but its not every thing.  To quote my own experience, I ordered a book Beyond Buzz 2.0 from Homeshop 18 with COD because the book was Rs 200 cheaper on it than FK.

This shitty e seller took 45 days and didnt deliver it.  When I followed up , they gave the usual SCUKY excuse - "Consignment returned undelivered " . When I disputed that  saying my home and office are manned 24x7x 365,they said - "Sorry sir ! Our mistake. Can you please place the order again ?  "  This actually pisses me off and I said FUCK YOU..

They took the abuse and gave me Rs 50/ coupon on my next purchase on Homeshop18.

Do you think I have any fuckin' rationale of going back to them and other E commerce vendors. Remote , in my wildest imagination.

Yes , in extreme case, I will pay flipkart more than the market price of product and also delivery charges if I am sure that it will be delivered to my sister on her birthday, gift wrapped and with certainty on that day. It still works cheaper for me in comparison to going to store, bargaining, picking, packing and sending it through parcel.

Use case for high quality, high price  definitely exist. Indiatimes, Homeshop18 definitely are not worth saving those Rs 100 or 1000 saving

I'm not a ECOMM buyer so price do matter to  i would also follow the traditional buying technique; go to the shop see the product;bargain and buy it ... 

Discounts / lesser price are luring.. i was going through the detail of timtara and they have a very bad reputation rather no reputation (i feel).. If one want to buy a high value product i would rather suggest to shell in the higher amount product atleast you'll have a guarantee of not getting harassed.

Hi Punnet,

If you have wrote this just because of the price then boss let me correct you. You are focusing on one product which is not discounted by flipkart ... check out samsung 's other products like S2 and Galaxy Ace "you will find the real difference"... !!!!

Hi Hiranand , its actually not about just one product, but most of them (S3 in post is one such example).
and hey I even found S2 and Galaxy ACE selling for much lower on other stores.
Check out-
ACE on zoomin - 10,699
ACE on FLipkart - 11,100

S2 on Sulekha - 26,400
S2 on Flipkart - 27,100


more cheaper versions are there

Now more then MRP on zoomin :)  MRP 13500 buy @ 14,420

Ha Ha Ha .... this is funny. Seems they added some extra ZOOM to it ;)

i always buy phone from the showroom. you can place 10 different products in front of your eyes,touch feel and than decide. more over there is not much difference between the showroom price and flipkart price. but what's best is that in the show room the sales guys even transfer all your data from the old phone to the new phone and even explain you all the features. they even upload free applications. i think that's the value added service we prefer.Getting a few things done for free. And this very well compensates the price difference between the showroom and online. I think Flipkart is still best for book.

If you are a regular online shopper, you know by now that every site is the same till there is an issue. Coz when there is one, all these guys make you run pillar to post. "At this point" I dont mind shelling out extra money on sites likeFK or Myntra coz I KNOW I have no headaches if there is one. If Price is the only thing Im looking at, there is always eBay, no one can beat e-bay there boss!

" every site is the same till there is an issue" I agree with you on this.
People have had their frustrating moments with almost every store. Even with their excellent service even Flipkart has unhappy customers (few here).


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