I have had this idea for sometime and was wondering if somebody wants todo a pilot .... This is non profit ..

I am wondering what  happens to the left over food ( i dont mean whats in your plate but whats the good food left untouched uneaten ) in our homes and restaurants. 

Homes i guess its either given to servants / watchmen or thrown ... 

Restaurants - some say its thrown out or eaten by staff - I dont know ... 

I was wondering whether its practicle to target a small area - say south mumbai - people are more affluent so probably more food wastage and many restaurants are also here .. 

So how would it be collect that food and feed the poor ? 

RIO - might be one way of funding it from the restaurants 

Or - you run a campaign to collecting only Rs 10 per person and using that ..

There are lot of supply chain , logistics and cost issues 

But if anyone wants to ADOPT this and run would be great


Bhavesh Shah 

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but are you also planning to take this forward or whoever might be intereted can try.?

If i am not wrong many restaurants are already giving their left over food to various charities.



Got any business related


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