Medianama's Nikhil Pahwa makes fun of Therodinhoods's Alok Kejriwal - THE REAL STORY


A few minutes ago, I saw this really nasty tweet from Medianama's Nikhil Pahwa:

As would be expected, this got retweeted several times:

I was amused!

I mean Games2win, the Company that I run HAS a PR firm and it DOES and WILL send out ALL communication that is put out by the Company and its CEO to journalists!!! That's their JOB!

Paradigm Shift has been Games2win's agency for the past 5 years!

Errr - Isn't that how Businesses and their CEO's reach people???

Oh.. Do CEO's go corner to corner, meeting journos to cover them?

Most importantly, and this is what I Replied to all the tweets:

'Isn't the JOB of Medianama (that pretends to be a journalistic outfit) to be concerned about the CONTENT of the message - and NOT THE MESSENGER'???

So, if my mail came directly to Nikhil with content would that be DIFFERENT than if the same news came via my PR agency???

Or will Nikhil also tell me what type of e-mail font and size I should use?

I was scratching my head at this UTTER BIZZARRE tweet and 'hahahahahaha' when it struck me like a thunderbolt!!

CHECK THIS OUT!! is now SERIOUSLY CLOSE to competing with medianama on many aspects as per Alexa!

NOTE - Alexa is old and outdated and something that I have made fun of - BUT neither NOR medianama feature on google trends; so I took Alexa data - not to make definite media claims BUT to make this point:



I have no clue what to make of this, but if this is the manner in which the so called 'reputed' blog sites of India behave, then GOD HELP US!!

I will bow my head low if I write bad stuff/wrong stuff/ etc and will accept all the criticisms of the world, but THIS??


Nikhil Pahwa - be a man. Be an entrepreneur. Fight the battle of audience, of content, of users, of traffic, of page views. 

Don't gossip and make sly remarks about 'how' people communicate, as long as they send meaningful stuff out.


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LOL, there is a dialog in GURU movie, I cannot recollect the exact words but he says "jab log tumhare baare mei *something* so samajlo tarakhi karr rahe ho" So as u already understand this is part n parcel of success.

What are PR firms for? I think you should just ignore such people.

BTW, this gives me an idea to get all the free publicity.... Let's write something nasty about Alok Kejriwal ;)


Nikhil Pahwa, Whoever You are..........Shame on you!!

A Perfect case of Misunderstanding!!!

(Note to self) Don't log on to FB before Meditation.
Nikhil..........Withdraw my words with Apologies for my kneejerk reaction!!

Hi Alok,

I know that you yourself know what is right and what is not so I will not dwell on what should be done. I'd just like to add my two cents by quoting Paramahansa Yogananda from two of his books. This will bring things into the right perspective.

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself......”
― Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

“Making others happy, through kindness of speech and sincerity of right advice, is a sign of true greatness. To hurt another soul by sarcastic words, looks, or suggestions, is despicable.”
― Paramahansa Yogananda, Where There is Light: Insight and Inspiration for Meeting Life's Challenges

I am perhaps one of your more recent followers, and I admire all your efforts in giving the right advice to budding entrepreneurs  in the most succinct manner. As for NP, I need not say anything except you have helped his site improve its stats.



Hi Alok, was asleep when you tweeted. A few things:

1. I just found it amusing that someone of your readership needs a PR agency to mail blog posts and I tweeted about it. It was an instinctive reaction and there was nothing nasty intended, nor was there a plan to put you down. It's unusual for a PR agency to mail blog posts from CEOs, so I found it amusing. If you felt hurt about it - I apologise.

2. That particular tweet had (and has) nothing to do with It was my reaction. Also, to assume that it was out of jealously because therodinhoods is doing well is incorrect. I didn't even consider therodinhoods or even medianama when I tweeted that.

3. Contrary to what you say, I'm not jealous, and this isn't driving me "nuts". Honestly, it doesn't worry me if therodinhoods does better in traffic than Unlike what you claim, there is no heartburn there - I don't worry about competition, and there are times when I have even offered to help (potentially) competing websites hire. If you help grow the ecosystem and it helps grow our industry, I wish you all the best and will support your initiatives.

4. At MediaNama, we don't fight the battle of traffic and pageviews - we try and focus on what content and information is relevant to our audience. Traffic is not a consideration, neither is the competitions traffic.

There is no hate here, and no malicious intent. It wasn't meant to be nasty, but I see now how it can appear to be nasty. 

I apologise for that tweet - I didn't mean to hurt your sentiments.


Thanks for the note. RESPECT!

Good... Bulletin Closed and now work on other issues



Great Reply Nikhil. Ur reply reflects your maturity. Hugely impressed

Alok Sir,

One i would like to tell you please don't take it seriously, people like "Nikhil Pahwa" .The reason why i am telling you as we have saying "Dogs keep on barking but we should not give a dam to them..."

And you will get many more people trying pull you down as they can see your success be dither because of cheap people.


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