In today’s fast paced world, everyone seems to be busy and in a crunch for time. Errands are one of the most niggling things on the list and people cringe at getting it done. One is often required to be in two places at one time and would wish to ask their shadows to go and pick up that important document, stand in the que to get a new sim, pick up a guest from the airport or any such task.

Recently launched MyPeon- a service to find a peon at your beckoning.This start-up is helping Mumbaikars run their errands at an affordable cost of Rs 100 and is currently doing 8 requests a day.

My Peon is a kind of service where you can get an office boy on per task basis. “We provide some simple basic service that is the need of everyone in Mumbai. We intend this to be a telephone service and have no plans of getting a website as of now because we don’t want hassles of logging on and other intricacies” informs Bharat. They have a Facebook & Twitter page.


Pick up and drop (Cheque, laundry)
Stand in queues (bank, govt offices, service centre’s etc)
Stroll in the local market
Deliveries: (door –to-door)
Repairs: (watches, Spectacles, Phone etc)
Personal Errand – (movie tickets, play tickets, railway tickets)
Paying bills (phone, electricity, Maintenance, Insurance premium )


Task 1 days in advance – Rs 100/- + (Travelling)
Task on the same day – Rs 200/- + (Travelling)

Registration: The registration is free and open to all Mumbaikars they just have to call on 9833183385.

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i really love the idea behind your StartUp. i would suggest you take time out and write a full-fledged story on MyPeon. Also, pls add pix of your Office Boys in action!!!

do check this link - there are quite a few rockstar stories here which could inspire you to write Your Story!



Thanks Asha, 

Will do that soon. 



WOW!!! Everyone says, provide a SOLUTION, SOLUTION, SOLUTION. and this is it. And the best part is that it will increase Employment for Unemployed, Unskilled Youth, which are many.

Loved the Concept. Best Wishes!!

Thanks :)

Nice idea, big market.

Watch out for
Launching 15 August 2012. For past 7 months I am working on it setting up logistics and operations. I am there on 27th July to see you all. :)

Thanks :) 

Well a lot of similar services are operating, just wanted to have an idea,  say if the peon does not do the work properly or else damages the repair job beyond repair... whose fault is it ? Is there any third party clause to safe guard you. 

For example i have given my phone for repair for some reason it got lost/further damaged by the peon. Do i get compensation if so from whom ? You or the peon ? What if i claim damages etc from you/ your company as the peon represents the company. Any safe guards on this front ?

This is purely asked for my knowledge purpose. 

Thanks and all the luck for your new venture. :)



Yes Amar we take complete guarantee of the work that we take in hand. 

Hope this is useful :) 



Thanks Bharat

So say a phone worth 30k is lost by the peon, the company will replace it with a new one or its value in cash ?

Is it so ?

Hi Amar,

These are my employees & yes if anything like this happens we will pay back the client in Kind / cash what ever is lost/ damaged by the peon.


A very valid Point raised by Amar Shah.....And my view is that Mypeon should not take responsibility of highly priced products....and even the customer would be apprehensive at the same time.

And some more parameters like "Time Involved" should be considered so that Mypeon employee should not be Exploited.

Hi Friends, 

I completely understand your concerns as a customer, All I would say as a service provider is that we have thought of all these things much in advance, There are a lot of If's & But's in every thing and we completely understand that, As i said before these are my employees if anything goes wrong I take the responsibility and as a customer you need to decide which kind of jobs would you like to give a peon. 

I hope this answers all your question. 




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