Offering equity in in return for marketing assistance.

Hello Rodinhoods,


3 months ago I announced the launch of here on Rodinhoods and it got a very positive response from you guys, right here in this thread


Let me tell you again what is about:

Resumer lets you create a good-looking resume in minutes which can then be shared as your personal URL, from where it can be downloaded as a PDF or e-mailed to someone / shared with a single click. 

The site solves the problem of having to create, update, attach and e-mail your resume repeatedly and fiddling around with word processors, attaching and sending your resume repeatedly.

Example resumes:


Cutting to the chase

Its been 3 months now since I launched and despite the positive response on Rodinhood and from and (I sent them an e-mail and they praised the site, but didn't cover it for reasons unknown) - Resumer has managed to get only 300 members (resumes) on the site so far with the help of word of mouth and a very short online ad campaign ran by fellow Rodinhooder Aditya's Impulse Media. 


I contacted a few angels but unfortunately they showed little to no interest at all in the site - again, I'm not sure why. On one hand we've got everyone praising the site, on the other angels and bloggers don't really seem interested. 


So I require a marketing partner for who will help promote the site either by providing funds for marketing or his marketing expertise or both in return for equity.


We also need an additional (advanced) PHP / MySQL developer to add features such as LinkedIn integration etc. I have a much grander plan for the site - something related to HR / recruitment services but we need a good number of resumes on the site first to proceed with these plans.


So far I have single-handedly planned, designed and developed the entire site and tried everything I could to get the word out in these 3 months with very limited funds. Now I don't have any funds for marketing or hiring an additional coder to work along with me - which is why I need you and you'll be getting equity in return for your funds and assistance.



Syed Sameer

Founder & Developer

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I think what you initially thought was very similiar to emurse

eg. resumes

You just need to create a differentiator that can be your USP.

Serving HR firms/Corporate tieups can be a great deal in with a strong user-base.

hi Syed

First of all compliments on your venture.

A few comments based on 10 years of corporate experience (including many resumes, as an applicant and as an interviewer) before plunging in to entrepreneurship.

Assume somebody comes on your site with following problem on hand: XYZ has done sales and operations and he wants to apply for 2 roles: Head of Sales in ABC Pvt ltd and Head of Operations in DEF pvt ltd.

Or a fresher: Majored in Marketing and Electives in Finance (didn't want to be left see!!!). Needs to apply for a marketing role in FMCG MNC and apply for a Finance Role in Gone Bust Bank Inc!!


1) Why should they come to and not go to resume builders already present. As somebody asked earlier...what is your USP?

2) How does your site help the above 2 people ? Will a standard format be ok for both of them or they still need to spend 10-20 minutes changing (btw...people spend much more time than 10-20 mins)


3) What exactly do they need to highlight in each of these resumes (obviously factually correct info) to get shortlisted for an interview. And how does it happen on your site.


4) I checked a few sample resumes e.g. Magnus and the basic format needs a lot of work.


5) Who are you targetting. I saw somewhere in the reply thread: freshers and working professionals. The needs are very different and you need to have something on the site that treats them separately (unless I have missed it, i just registered).






Have you tried to compare with the Visual Resume sites out there in market, ( It is not my site)


Also you might like to look at  ( It is also not my site) who are trying to harness LinkedIn to do something like this instead of competing with them.


The biggest issue for me is why I shouldn't use my LinkedIn URL - and use yours when I get much more functionalities there.


The database building is the other challenge and I had to put my company in hibernate mode because of this itself. We also planned to offer such a service though for niche domains + VAS for that sector. 


The journey from ME TOO ---> WHY ME is the toughest but most fruitful one :)


Thanks for the ideas Varun. I was aware of VisualCV and just checked out BranchOut - both look like great products to me. You're right about having a real USP, a real differentiator.


Also I just had a realization: Things like simplicity, good UI / design, ease of use and stuff in themselves are not a part of your USP, differentiation or even a competitive advantage at all - come to think of it, these things aren't even 'features'. These things are simply bare necessities that every site should have at the very least. (Be it India or America)


And also, the next time I'm going to make a feature list - I'll write features on one side, and benefits on the other.


In other words, people don't want a 3 GHz Quad core computer with a 1TB HDD. Most don't even know what that implies. They just want a computer that is insanely fast, can store lots and lots of movies, games whatever and doesn't drive them mad. Features = Benefits, if not, they are useless. :)

I was trying your site today and my first  feature request - My profile name need not be FirstName+LastName. Personally I don't want that and I didn't see any option to customize resume name. I agree I didn't probe too deeply but for sure it was not obviously visible


I'm fixing that. Thanks :)

That was a very interesting and uplifting read Jyoti. Thanks a bunch :)


As a purely consumer focused product (people visit your site by themselves to create good looking resumes easily), your job of gaining traction might be tedious and unprofitable for a long time.


Consider these ideas


1. Most top colleges have predefined resume formats for campus recruitment. By collaborating with placement cells, you company can simply take away a lot of pain from the process. Templates in Microsoft Word is tedious to us. So you will be solving real problem and getting wholesale end users

2. Try something similar with recruiters. But, be prepared to differentiate or complement with other startups addressing the campus recruitment space

3. Think of creative ways to improve upon resumes/job applications. Why not video resumes. Why auto summerising from social behavious and reputation of candidates.


All the best. I liked the neatness and simplicity of your current product.


Thanks a lot Bala. I have been researching a lot about campus recruitment and the whole HR process in general since the past 2 weeks, and you have some very smart ideas right here. 


As you and others have said, a 'standard' resume format that everyone has to stick to as in right now on is not going to work for everyone, and so what I've planned for the next version is different types of resume templates you can choose based on your field - and these too would be customizable to a degree. Also I'd be incorporating multimedia in the resumes, to be accessed separately though and not on the 'main' resume itself. (Reduces clutter) For eg. myresume/portfolio or myresume/videos/


Thanks again Bala :)



You may like to checkout and firstnaukri initiative of


They are doing things related to campus recruitment. Cocubes especially is doing things related to documents (student resumes/cred. ) validation with help of colleges and then they act as middlemen for scheduling meets between recruiting companies and campuses.


Hi Munish,
I have checked out CoCubes a long time ago and though I found them lagging a bit on the technological front, they are doing pretty good and have a massive reach with 1500 colleges and lakhs of students. I really like how they are tackling the campus placement / recruitment problem for both colleges and companies and this is more of the direction I have in mind for Resumer rather than the LinkedIn one. is just like except it is for freshers, so I think CoCubes is really what I should be looking at.
Thanks for the suggestions :)
Syed, how's Resumer doing?


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