Offering equity in in return for marketing assistance.

Hello Rodinhoods,


3 months ago I announced the launch of here on Rodinhoods and it got a very positive response from you guys, right here in this thread


Let me tell you again what is about:

Resumer lets you create a good-looking resume in minutes which can then be shared as your personal URL, from where it can be downloaded as a PDF or e-mailed to someone / shared with a single click. 

The site solves the problem of having to create, update, attach and e-mail your resume repeatedly and fiddling around with word processors, attaching and sending your resume repeatedly.

Example resumes:


Cutting to the chase

Its been 3 months now since I launched and despite the positive response on Rodinhood and from and (I sent them an e-mail and they praised the site, but didn't cover it for reasons unknown) - Resumer has managed to get only 300 members (resumes) on the site so far with the help of word of mouth and a very short online ad campaign ran by fellow Rodinhooder Aditya's Impulse Media. 


I contacted a few angels but unfortunately they showed little to no interest at all in the site - again, I'm not sure why. On one hand we've got everyone praising the site, on the other angels and bloggers don't really seem interested. 


So I require a marketing partner for who will help promote the site either by providing funds for marketing or his marketing expertise or both in return for equity.


We also need an additional (advanced) PHP / MySQL developer to add features such as LinkedIn integration etc. I have a much grander plan for the site - something related to HR / recruitment services but we need a good number of resumes on the site first to proceed with these plans.


So far I have single-handedly planned, designed and developed the entire site and tried everything I could to get the word out in these 3 months with very limited funds. Now I don't have any funds for marketing or hiring an additional coder to work along with me - which is why I need you and you'll be getting equity in return for your funds and assistance.



Syed Sameer

Founder & Developer

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I have sold it to US based company called JPM Network, looking forward to doing something in the e-commerce space now (and no, not another deal site, haha)

Syed congrats :)

Thanks Jayesh, although honestly I'd loved to have keep it with me, it was not just a site but my baby that I worked upon tirelessly night after night for almost 2 months. I still kind of feel guilty about selling it, but that's all I could do to go forward with my other plans and without having to look for angel / VC money.


My thinking is now that if you can't bootstrap a business (assuming it is not really capital intensive like say an airline of course), then you don't need to look for external funding either. Bootstrap, become profitable, grow steadily, and then maybe look for funding to scale up.


Simply put, I'd say let them come knocking to your door when the time is right, and not the other way round.

well said Syed !

"Dont chase investors. Starting chasing customers, if you can get to the customers investors will chase you"-Sameer Guglani Co-Founder at The Morpheus




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