How about having a healthcare portal where you can have the following:-

1)Real time room invetrory.

2) Online appointments.

3) Opd timings and fees.

4) Hospitals Comparisions.

5) Recommendations.Reports,Second opinion.

6) E-reports and E-prescriptions.


Looking forward for your valuable reviews.

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heyy thanks...i forgot to mention medical tourism is also a part of i dont have much idea about it.
have a look at ... they have most of it .. rather much more
Real time room inventory,opd fess and op timings not available..
thts missing or should say in progress. but surely a benchmark for a portal in a way.
What do you propose as the business model?

I would think a SAAS for hospitals to use, rather than a portal where you would aggregate the data, makes more sense?

I'm not sure of the feasibility of (2), given that consultations vary from patient to patient.

Would (1), (3) be irrelevant ? - in an emergency, one would typically go to the closest, and otherwise use recommendations. Which leads to perhaps (5) being an interesting proposition.
I guess before we even think about the business model and get into feature-level talk, the very first thing one has to answer is what problem(s) this healthcare portal will solve?

And then, once we have an answer to that, how are they currently being solved (or not solved at all) and how much scope do you see for improvement?

Because without answering these questions the idea kind of remains foggy in our head, like I was thinking as Mahesh did, about a SaaS model instead of a portal, or both actually - but its still kind of unclear. So let's answer this first. :)
Thanks for your wishes.
Hi All,

Check this out..

In my opinion the key factor in any such model will be pro-active support from a network of practitioners...
Hey thanks for sharing. I saw that article two days back.
interesting. With real time time room inventory, maybe hospitals can also start offering dynamic pricing! :-)
The airline model..


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