Some Rodinhood T Designs!

Which one of these - No 1 or  No 2 (or both :-)) would you like to wear?

Any suggestions?

(Click to expand)

Design Courtesy - Sumesh and Purtata of


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No. 2

1 for me. Clear and bold to me.

No. 1! Gives it a real nice face-value.

my 2 cents...

No. 1

FRONT: with only the LOGO & RODINHOOD.

BACK: (across shoulders): ThinkDo. RodinHood.

[when u've said rodinhood in the front.. means the person who is wearing the tee believes in being a rodinhood. therefore the word 'Be' is for action not needed! 'keep parking' alone works!!!]

also pls consider the broad round V instead of the usual round neck :)

No 1

No 1

No. 1

No 2 ...




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