E-commerce has been a favourite subject of our discussions here and there have been ample instances of how e-commerce players are screwing up. We also discussed how customer service at most e-commerce companies sucks and beats the hell out of customers.

Today I had the experience of another pleasantly shocking experience from Infibeam / Buildabazaar.

Some days ago Infibeam launched Buildabazaar, which allows anyone to start an own online store. Alok wrote about it HERE. Some weeks ago I decided to test it out since I am also in the business of mango e-commerce. After I started my store, I got an email from one Mr Ravish who helped me out and then I emailed to him to and fro.

Today after many days I sat down to re-look at the store and while I was fidgeting with the codes, I had some confusion and I decided to call the customer care number. Here on, I has surprises  after surprises.

First, the customer care number had no IVR. The call was answered by a human in just half a ring. I mean what the duck!

Then a second one, I told the human I have a query about xyz. He asked do you have a store.


'What's the store name?'

'Here it is?'

'Ok, I am transferring your call to Mr Ravish, your store representative. He will help you."

I was like, oh Ravish, yeah, I had forgotten. I know him.

As the call was being transferred, it disconnected. I was like shucks, this is the typical problem of phone customer care. I was 1 minute 32 seconds into the call! I was evaluating whether to call back and repeat the same thing or send an email. And I got another shock. My phone rang and on the other side was Ravish, the same guy I was being connected. I had my calls disconnect often, more recently at ICICI bank when I was desperate to report a fraudulent transaction of thousands of Yen.

Well, another 1 minute 33 seconds on the call and my confusion was taken care of.

Another surprise here was that none of my queries on any other phone customer care were solved in this time. 2+ minutes is the minimum time I have to listen the IVR bhajan on the call anywhere.

It was a pleasant experience with Infibeam here and no doubt it was shocking; because I haven't noticed anyone in the e-commerce space being so proactive. Infibeam seems to be doing something right, which others in e-commerce aren't. May be they can take a leaf outta Infibeam.

And another shocking thing too; I am not yet a paid customer of Infibeam or Buildabazaar. Now I could well be!

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infibeam made the mango beam!

i enjoy reading "e-comm site surprised me" stories - yebhi once surprised the living daylights outta me :)))))))

Same Here Asha! 

Would love to know more about your experience too! 

Lets hope people continue to get pleasantly shocked by these kind of good experiences!

Reminds me of Amazon US customer care. I had a flight back to India and my Kindle order had been returned by USPS for some reason. Without blinking the caller had said 'you shall receive it tomorrow', I refreshed my order page on Amazon just as I hung the call and a new order with 1 day delivery was shown there. The Kindle came through right on time for me to fly back with it. That of course if Amazon and the Kindle is something they take very seriously, but I have ended up shopping more on Amazon US / UK over the last two years than what I ever did in 11 years of online shopping In India. 


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