Everyone wants to build a brand. And its not easy!


Please do review my views and share and comment and contribute the best way you care!


For best results, please blow up the ppt (click the X on the slideshare panel on the right hand side) and enjoy!

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Nice :)


I've downloaded this for careful review.

So, check out these EXPLOSIVE conversation I had with Nikhil of Medianama.

he reacted to Anita of Driftwood who had retweeted my tweet (thanks Aneeta btw for the retweet)









I just like to summarize what i felt after reading it, U've compared brands but they from different product categories, perhaps your slide show should have been called 'what kind of 'Business/Products' you wanna build. i think that's more appropriate to the description you've given em. Google/Apple on starting out were businesses that gave you fantastic products thus a creating a niche brand, for themselves/products, had their product failed they would have never turned into big brands.



Many thanks for your view. 


If you look at the deck I made, the terms I have used are ' democratic, extroverted, inspirational, greeedy, collaborative' etc etc..


These are best used to describe BRANDS (loosely) rather than Products/Services.


Let me try and explain with simple Analogy.


I say that Ashford is a really 'charitable' person. Or if I were describing humans as BRANDS, then it fits the bill of BRAND = CHARITABLE.


Now, literally taken, it doesn't mean that your skins and bones and teeth are charitable. It means obviously that your ACTIONS (product/services) are charitable.


Similarly, the MANIFESTATION of brands in the world - be it a service or product AND sometimes JUST THEIR NAME and PRESENCE is what I have used for describing the KIND of approach taken by various brands to build valuable businesses.


So, the discussion was and is NOT a CSI like post mortem on the word 'brand' more that it a description of the approach Brands (and sure - their representation as a service or product) take long term in the world of business.


I mean, if I said that 'services' are 'authoritative' or a product is ' democratic', then that will really sound weird - wouldn't it?!







Point taken,  Your analogy was concise. Perhaps there was perception barrier in my understanding prior to your slideshow.


Neways the good part is you have a new topic of ur next slide show 'What kind of 'Business/Products' you wanna build...


Cheers !!!

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Alok, let me take rather simplistic 'for dummies' approach on branding here. I am not necessarily commenting on your decks. 


A brand is what your label or trade mark means to the consumer. The idea that it opens in the consumers' mind when he sees your brand. That's it! rest of the post mortem is just that. Back fit theory on what the consumer thinks of your label. 


I wonder if anyone starts by scribbling the 'traits' that his business would have 10 years down the line. 

well, I haven't come across anyone who starts a business without thinking of what may happen as it gets build out.


Even having said that, if you ARE starting a business - the deck is supposed to guide people into thinking:


- Hmmm - can I always be EXTROVERTED like FCUK - is it in me to start a brand like that?


- Am I a control freak or not - so should my brand my collaborative or authoratative.


I think you are confusing NAMING of a business or service or product with the PERSONALITY of the same (a la what I am describing as a BRAND)



That is the point. The PERSONALITY of the company/product. A brand is only what the consumer perceives its personality to be. And, to different consumers i may appear differently very much like in case of people. The goal is to appear like so and so to the majority of the audience. 


And these personality traits are shaped as much by circumstances, business climate, luck as they are by the entrepreneurs' design and planning. The Personality grows, even radically changes, over years. Case in point Lucky Goldstar or even (F)Volkswagon. 


Even FCUK accidentally became extrovert and hip in 1997 due to a fax. For about two decades before that they were just another fashion brand. 

so, what is your point really? That the title of the PPT should be 'so you wanna build a personality'??


sometimes i wonder why people dont get it - In slide 2 itself i warn that advertising and marketing folks always over exaggerate their roles (probably to keep their jobs).


With the details of the +/- and the examples and the titles, even morons will understand that this is not a wikipedia discussion of the word and meaning and derivative and expansion and usage of the word BRAND


Its all about just thinking of what your business/service could be and some directional hints!!!

Some real good insights!


Would be interesting to know how would you assign similar attributes to smaller cos (in revenue/user base/popularity) like Infosys vs TCS, Jet Airways vs Kingfisher, RIL vs Aditya Birla, etc


On a sidenote, i'd suggest you avoid including footer in notifications from online services (like slideshare) on a public forum


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Maybe somebody just accidentally clicks on the "here" link and you could not be receiving a notification next time your deck tops the charts...


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