I recently quit investment banking to follow my heart. And the heart wants what it wants. In my case I realized I wanted to change the annoying and ineffective world of online dating.

Enter the concept of social dating. And so I built Perppl

For lack of a better term, its the Linkedin of Online dating. 

Perppl is a Social Dating Network. Its an online version of how we meet new people in real life. It is a dating platform where mutual friends act as a matchmaker and a profile filter. No math algorithms to match profiles.

Create a date on Perppl. Be it for a film you want to watch or just to check out that summer sale or simply for a coffee. Your friends and friends of friends on perppl will see your posting. If a friend of a friend wants to go out with you, they will ask the mutual friend to introduce them to you. And that’s it.

Do check it out. I would love to hear back all the critics. 

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quick q ashutosh - how do you pronounce Perppl - like purple?

btw... your first line is a killer :)

all the best!

Hi Asha

Yeah the name perppl is a wordplay on purple. Reason for that - I am a huge deep purple fan!

Thanks and do join!

awesome rationale! 

good to know another DP fan!

i'm afraid, i'll have to pass ashutosh. i stopped dating 12 years ago!!!



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