Startup in distress - Seeking for the wisdom of the crowd!

A few months back around December of 2011, a couple of guys felt the rush of adrenalin when they bumped into what seemed like a really exciting idea. The result was the birth of Yo! Potato, a food delivery service that lets you order food from ANY restaurant you want and not bother about minimum order or any other limitation. For the first time, we felt we gave the "ease" for people stuck with Pizzas when their taste buds are craving for something from that small Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood.

We were true to the principles of Lean Startup by not wasting away any time in setting up anything other than what was just required to get started. We setup a landing page in a day with the help of Kickofflabs and announced our launch in the most humble way on social media. The first month was mostly the 2 of us taking and delivering orders. We did just 17 orders. We kept growing and we crossed 900 orders last month alone. Some of the top celebrities used our service and we felt loved by everyone. We have received over 15 franchise requests in less than 3 months since our launch. People loved our blogs and newsletters. We were living our dream. The response was overwhelming. We got featured in all the top news dailies.

Many of our customers valued our service so much so that they suggested we charge them so they can order for even a cup of coffee, guilt-free. We did that with 30 days free trial in July and the response has been more than good so far. And then something happened. We ran out of money. We hunted a few friends who pitched in some but they dried up as well. All the VCs we talk to have just one thing to say - "It's too early for us to participate". We couldn't find many angels and the ones we met were not as aligned to our vision as we hoped.

Now, the reason I am writing this is to reach out to all of you and take possible connections to angels who might find Yo! Potato interesting enough to consider investing. Also, we are consider raising small amount of money from a bunch of interesting people like you. Though our fund requirement over 2 years is between 1-2 Cr, we can do with small chunks to keep us going from one milestone to another. Our current burn rate is around 2- 2.5L.

Pls do get in touch with me if you can contribute. My email is Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Krishna Chidambaresh Co-founder, Yo! Potato

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any movement on this??

Hey Alok,

Thanmks a million! I have been contacted by quite a few genuine Rodinhooders wanting to know more and possibly invest. This is the single most best result I have seen in my long time search for investors. Thanks again and long live Rodinhood! :)


well, if it happens, then we should BLOW t

Hi Krishna,

Just to understand, FoodPanda in Delhi, and JustEat in Bangalore is doing the same stuff. How are you different ?
Have you spoken to them whether they have got funding, and if yes, probably - you can form a similar strategy and learn something from them

Regards, Puneet


The Hyderabad equivalent maybe it might help contacting them for more information



Dear Anoop

  Thanks for letting us know about  i am based in Hyderabad and i just done a simple order. Lets see the result,



you are welcome sai,last time i tried them they didn't seem to be organised too well, my impressions were, the only plus point being their service is unique in Hyderabad currently,their service delivery,data collection technique(rather lack of it) was nonexistent, still had multiple missed calls from the delivery person, having to call back to confirm, and the delivery person was barely recognizable as a employee of the company.I think they are start up issues and with competition coming in they would start looking at those aspects.Time taken was more than 1 and half hour even while the origin of the delivery boy the restaurant and my location was in a 6km radius.

Hope you get your order in time :-)



Dear Anoop,

Its Done

1) Online Order placed at around 5 Pm

2) Got the call at 5:20 pm

3) the item selected cant be delivered as due to weekend so selected another item from Paradise

4) Confirmed the call with new item at 5:40 Pm  and delivery by time 7:30 Pm

5) Delivery boy called me at 7:15 Pm. he is quite near to my area and by 7:30 its delivered

6) They took 50/- as delivery charges and no extra cost. even if i plan to go to that hotel.. it will cost 40/- for petrol



Hey Puneet,

Call one number, order from any restaurant of your choice, no minimum orders. We have absolutely no list of restaurants for the customers to choose from. I guess thats the differentiator thats gaining us traction.



Krishna, that is a big differentiator. This gives me tremendous choice and I would love to have something like this Pan-India.

I'm not an expert in start-ups and VC funding, however let me share some of my personal views on the website- please ignore if you think my points are not justified. Assuming I'm a potential consumer I was not sure about what the website is about. If you just put three or four points on the home page about how Yo Potato works and use some food-based graphics one can understand what its all about. Probably people don't order from website but if they want to use your service they can immediately know how to do it.

The first page can be made more crispier and blogs and other stuff can be moved elsewhere. I'm sure there are many people who just visited your website but not tried the service.

For registered members you can provide online ordering service or an option where they can leave their number or message and you call back to take orders. Just a suggestion. 

Despite above points I find the initiative wonderful and find it interesting to note that someone is bold enough to offer such a service in Chennai, which is known to be relatively conservative though its changing with times.

You may not agree with me but I feel that the blog part and story about 'potato missiles' can be shifted to a different page. If the website looks more customer friendly and simple I'm sure you can leverage that to get more calls or orders.

Hi Sridhar,

Point taken. Thanks for the inputs! We will work on it.




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