Startup or Start Up? Which one is the correct spelling? Or we can use both the words at present scenario.

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awesome q manish - once upon a time i looked it up to decide which spelling we should follow on therodinhoods :)))))))))

different publications use it differently. i have not come across any standardisation. but i'll look fwd to what the others have to say...!

thank you for asking this!!!!


There is no standard rule - startup and start-up are both valid. There isn't always a 'perfect' route in English. This reminds me of that very old debate:

1. Charles's operation; or
2. Charles' operation

Which one is correct? Strictly speaking, they are both valid. 

If one were to go into finer detail, then:

1. 'Start-up' implies that two different words are being combined to convey a singular thought; whereas
2. 'Startup' implies that it is a word in itself.

At the end, it makes no difference at all.

If a member of audience raises objection over correct usage, he is clearly bored and wants to piss you off.


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