The 9 Start Up lessons I learnt from the Anna Hazare Movement!

Ok, so this is NOT a discussion about the ideology or philosophy of Anna Hazare.

This is a PPT that describes the 9 Start Up lessons I learnt from the Anna Hazare Movement.


View this PPT in Slideshare (and also download it from there):

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Star post. Superlike!

Three Cheers !!!We are waiting for such brilliant posts more :)..Hip Hip Hurray

Reiterates what is commonly seen in startups- It is easy to drum up hype around a good idea, but delivering on it requires different mettle.

Good case study. I too think there should be some negotiation. Something is better than nothing. One you get the bill passed. You have all the time to improve it. There is no rule that one the bill is passed it cannot be changed.

I agree that the bill would be weak but could have done some change in our corrupt system. Changes like this are not implemented in a day or weeks. It takes years of efforts to implement such bill. It is human physiology to resist change.

Dear Azad Shaikh

There are major issues in current version of Lokpal bill. It's like better to not to have such Lokpal. It can reduce public confidence in Lokpal. See the differences here - 

See more at


You have drawn a parallel to Anna's movement from a start-up phase but have not stressed on the important aspect of media support.  No start-up gets this kind of huge boost on a 24x7 basis for a long period of time.  It called this movement undeservedly as the Second war of independence.
I had written a few posts on the Anna rise and as you can see here it has not been a smooth ride for them but the media gave the impression that it was all milk and honey.  


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