Why should someone approach you to interview you? Since you are busy, and doing so much, its time you helped yourself!

If you would like your interview to be featured (based on quality and context) on therodinhoods.com and/or rodinhood.com (nice places for enterprising folks), then simply fill up a simple Interview page and get going!

Ur Interview will automatically be published.

Based on the quality of your Interview, the Editor could then FEATURE you aggressively. Also, the Editor may change the headline of your interview. So be sure to really put up something of value and interest! 

It would be a good Idea to read some of the Interviews on therodinhoods.com so that you can get a sense of how and what people have spoken about themselves.


Step 1 - COPY all these Questions Below and then paste in a NEW page (ADD+ a discussion).

Then answer the questions. 


Your Name and nice Photograph of yourself/your Business/ etc


Your E-mail id


Your Social Media links (delete which you don't have)

Facebook - 



If you have a Company/Start up, its URL - 


Your therodinhoods.com page link (compulsory) - 

What exactly do you do?

Why do you do what you do? Is it to make money, to become famous, to run away from something, to retire, to kill boredom ?


Is there anything unique in what you do? 


What happens if this fails?

Any one or two incidents that make you shiver or feel proud of your journey so far?

State one really bad habit and one good habit (if you actually have one)


Famous last words to the readers?


Finally, say YES below the next para:
I solemnly put my hand on my religious book/favorite novel and swear that what I have said above (including my photos) is the truth. So help me, Rodinhood




STEP 2  - Please give your Interview a GREAT HEADLINE - something that is Genuine and yet interesting (Tip - see how the existing Interviews have been positioned)





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This works! Check testimonials below:


Thank you for uploading the interview! Over 120 people have shared it(image att) on last count.. :) 
I solemnly thank Rodinhood for the help! :)

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