The Story of Hare & Tortoise- After they become Enterprenuer

 This is a second story in the 'Entrepreneur series' after Red Riding Hood.

Hare and Tortoise once decided to run the race.

So they decided on race track and a day to run the race.

3..2..1...start! shouted the Sparrow...

Hare sprinted in full swing and disappeared in seconds beyond the road...when

Tortoise just had moved few inches away from the line..

but he kept on going to find Hare fast asleep over the patch of lush green grass.. he smirked and kept moving on

by the time it was evening..the Hare got out of slumber to gather his senses that he was running the race so he

ran his heart out to find that Tortoise was waiting for him near the Finishing line..

Hare pushed himself to catch the moment..just then

Tortoise just stepped over the Finish line ...'and its a winner' shouted the Sparrow..'the race is over!'

but when they become entrepreneur...!!!

(image from

Hare and Tortoise once decided to run the race. Hare chose the 'SERVICES' and Tortoise ..'Product'

Hare laughed his gut out ,saying Tortoise foolish to choose the 'line of business'

But the Tortoise was determined and passionate. that he wants to create the mind blowing product ..the idea that he only believes in...the investor, distributes,the Hare, and his friends said we 'doubt it will work'

he said Fine!

Hare got huge out sourcing orders from US because he was 'cheap and economical' and got assurance for more orders from his vendors...

but he was cheap and economical at the cost of quality 

Tortoise kept working on the Product prototype.. at the end of six month he finished the half job but rest of the six month was uphill task to pay salaries, keep ppl motivated, meeting buyers and testing his product. but he was determined..

Hare called the Tortoise and said ,'I have got so much turnover and orders, I am buying a brand new BMW, and going on vacation to Hawaii...what you have nothing but that silly prototype and no money in the pocket.

Tortoise said wait till year end

Hare delivered his order by Sept to find that he was overshooting on the schedule, the work got rejected from the client which he was suppose to redo at his own cost. he also end up paying heavy penalty due to clause in the agreement.

meanwhile Tortoise had systematically done the promotion to find Million hits on FB for his product idea and people were just waiting to buy it.

in Nov. the overseas  client called the Hare to reject the orders and not to work with him as they had found the still Cheaper and economical option in Africa ..and India was no more viable for them..Hare got the shock of his life

the PRODUCT was launched and within wk it was a Super,duper success!!

Tortoise called Hare and said ,'Dude  my 'PRODUCT' is sold in 100 countries around the world and has just crossed 10 million mark in 7 days'.

Hare could barely say 'ya...ya..' & Tortoise said... one more thing Dude ...I got a call from Google!! this morning.

Hare fell down from his chair.

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Alok-Thanks for encouragement, its you who started with Red Riding hood!

Rohit N,NG Venkat- glad u like shows that we like 'Stories'

What a finishing line to end the story.'''ya...ya..' & Tortoise said... one more thing Dude ...I got a call from Google!!this morning.

Hare fell down from his chair.''..ROFL..ROFL..ROFL..Great job Ashwin :)

Loved it Ashwin............Yes we are a Nation of Story tellers and Like wise any thing told by a story leaves a greater Impact and for a Longer time.

I can see many more Rodinhooders taking the story telling route. And then we can have a "Short Inspiring Stories by Rodinhooders" very soon.

Nice one Ashwin!

thanks Gurpreet, Paresh

Every one has a story to tell...

Excellent Stuff !!! Cheers Ashwin...

Nice story Ashwin!!! Hope to see more Tortoise entrepreneurs in india than Hare one! :)

Rahul,Girish thanks am thinking on some more stories



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