Vroooooom… Chugghhh… Clank… Whizzz…Swooosh.. Sputter…

If you’ve heard these sounds at the Grand Prix Races, then it's time we made you hear the same at therodinhoods!

Introducing the world’s first Pit 'Brand-Stop'

What is the Brand Stop?

If you have a brand, care for one or simply think that a particular brand needs attention, or can be a great case study, then ‘drive’ it in!

To kick off the concept, I have driven in Sahara (yup – the Brand who’s CEO is in jail).

I believe that a Brand like Sahara can do with a lot of repair, resurrection, renewal and revival (so that all their employees and investors remain happy!)

So, what happens?

Essentially, the Brand is represented above and all you have to do is circle the Brand and advise on what needs to be done as per each crew member's role!


It's simple!

Just click on this link so that the image opens in a new window (if you want. Else just keep scrolling up and down).

Now, rub your hands together, zip up your overalls and GET MOVING!

What do you need to do?

Check the image and go in order:

# 1 The Rear Jack Man

This guy lifts up the car when it arrives.

Now, playing the same role, what do you suggest for the Sahara Brand? Where would you lift up the brand first so that the crew members can take over?

# 2 The Fireman

Cars run the risk of catching fire when they come in. That's what this guy helps in preventing.

Do you think there are fires burning on the Sahara Brand? Which ones would you put out first?

# 3 Support Man

He helps the crew.

What support could Sahara use? What would you activate to help the Brand?

#4 The Fuel Man

He fills it up and loads up the car with that magic fuel that will last as long as planned.

So, what do you wanna fuel Sahara up with? What is it that will keep the Brand going?

#5 The Wheel Man

We all know the strategic role of ‘tyres’ in Grand Prix races. The right tyre chosen for the right track/weather can make or break the race.

As a crew member, what tyres do you recommend for the Brand? Given the condition of the road ahead, what would you make them drive on?

#6 The ‘Lollipop’ Man!

The most IMPORTANT man in the crew!

He ushers the car in, makes it stop exactly where it should be; manages the team and makes the driver hang on till required.

What is your strategy for the Brand Sahara as the Lollipop Man? When should it leave the pit after it comes out?

# 7 The Jack Man (again)

This guy lifts the car up from the sides when required.

What do you want lifted up? What side of the Sahara Brand do you want to tackle by lifting up and why?

# 8 Second Wheel Man

Along with his fuel side partner, this guy changes tyres on the other side.

Playing his role, who would you suggest helps the Sahara Brand on the other side? Any role playing strategy?

# 9 The Driver

Is the driver fit to drive? Does he need to be evacuated?

Do you think the Sahara Brand needs a new Driver? A new leader who can finish the race successfully?

What happens now?

It's simple! Just copy the questions above and then paste them as your comments with your views for each crew member (or as many as you would like)!

The editor (Asha) will review all the contributions, pick the best of each role suggestion and then post the final ideas as an edit to this post!

The winning members will be named and linked as contributors!

Is that it? What's the Big Deal?

:) I will send the final suggestions to the actual Brand owner (free, of course) as compliments from therodinhoods and its contributing members! If the Brand owners act on our the suggestions, I am sure they will see the checkered flag!!

Also, if this property catches on, then who knows!? We may have our own rodinhoods grand prix car zipping down the race tracks soon!

And if not a car, at least Brand owners proactively driving in with their brands for help by therodinhoods!!

Closing note

I can assure you that this exercise and a next few case studies WILL make you think deeply about brands and how they fall out of favor. This will make you build your own brand 'fail proof'!

Request - Please so send in Brand requests to feature in the next few case studies!


Car Image courtesy - Sumesh Pillai!!


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wonderful idea!!

alok - let's pls take kingfisher airlines as a case study at some point of time!

Yes Good Idea  Ashaji to take kingfisher brand too , but while you do that ensure all the above crew is replaced with kingfisher calendar gals 


I really think we have a Telepathy link, going on here some how! (This has happened already many times earlier as well!)

I was preparing something on the High Speed Car Race Track and Crew Pitstop to be used as Examples for Entrepreneurship and the Importance of a TEAM (Though Invisible at times) myself and I see this pop up :) (The Sahara Angle was not included)

This could very well be a TEMPLATE for any ASK or Assist required for any LEVEL of the Enterprise and the understanding of how or what more might be required to get the Tweak for overall WIN Win situation, involving not realized other TEAM members too, to elevate the Positive Result as Desired too!!!

Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail!!

Though the example is of a High Adrenaline Pumping and of Great Strength to attempt in something which has its own known and accepted Dangers and Risks, the First Step is already in place with the Driver ready to Step in (No pun intended) the Crunched Tight space of the Driver seat and Handle the High Speed with Twists and Turns of the track  and Keep the Goal in Mind which is WORTH Dying For.

The other Members may or not maybe in place yet, or might have been missed due to low resources (Disney's Cars the Movie series, a Good example worth Quoting here for the Low cost Trusted Crew assembled) Its the Personal Relationship which Keeps the Support Team Together and Achieve the single GOAL as required too to start with the Drivers Seat taken and all others playing their own Important place for the purpose, or also to overcome the FEARS and Dive in again as a Second Chance and Win over it too (Worth Quoting the Indian Movie - Ta Ra Rum Pum) Apart from the Inspiration to Move on which could be Personal Goal, Family, Relations or Friends and someone you Idolize as well, to Keep moving further and achieve Success in the Domain.

It is always a TEAM Win, with One Leading (or Driving, Pushing) it from the FRONT!!!

In Order to Succeed, your desire for Success
should be Greater, than your Fear of Failure - Bill Cosby~

Though almost all the points with the Pit Crew are already covered here from your end, I would like to point out TWO main Numbers 10 and 11 which I feel are also the Most Important ones in this reference, to be mentioned as well. Possibly the More important than the ones on the Front line as Visible in the picture too but the most Behind the Scenes playing a Major Break or Make possibility.

The # 3 Support Man is also the one who keeps Track of all the Spares, in case of anything going missing since every second Counts and has to be On the Toes and ready to Innovate and apply replacements as well (Eg : Just in case a Screw gets lost and needs a spare to be fit in for the Tyre to keep Locked) ;)

Though the #6 Lollipop Man is also the Person responsible to verify and confirm as the one, who Awaits the ALL CLEAR, Go signal from the Pit Crew so that he can Wave off the Flag to allow the Car to Rejoin the race after the required changes are amended to Take it head on once again.

Let them know, you Tried and Failed,
No one knows, if you Failed to Try though - DB~

# 10 - The Team Manager

Responsible for the Overall Information to Be Compiled at one centralized place to channelize and Guide as required for the individual #Value to be tweaked accordingly which helps Position the Winning, also keeping tabs on the Competition activities and What ways can the Managed team be One Notch above them as well, this also means keeping in line the current rankings in mind and updates with this regards with other Players (Driver, Teams) since Managers may be connected to many in the Domain (Mangers of other teams or Drivers or Brands) for their own Strengths in general or Personal Experience as well to count for.

Also responsible to Keep Security of the Car (Including pilferage and Sabotage loopholes) and the Fitness and Health of the Driver checked and in Peak Performance position at all times for Best results (Be it Physical Emotional or Social -  Promotional and Branding) Also would keep the Sponsorship deals and Touring and Self Branding with Scheduling of Smaller and Larger Participation in other possible and available Races accordingly to increase overall points and keep VISIBILITY high. 

# 11 - The Track Monitor - Time Keeper

The One who Keeps an Eye on the actual Race Track (Domain) and keeps Real Time watch on the Competition Positions and Provides Strategies, a Punch Through to Move ahead for an Eventual Win Win Situation for the Team Efforts when ever there is a Small change or an Opportunity to Break through and BOOST with real time COMMUNICATIONS of prime importance with the Information relayed to ALL the crew so they can fine tune their own preparation as per changes if required individually for the ASSEMBLY line setup to make it BIGGER overall as a Result (Desired)

Lovely!!! Absolutely Loved the way you put it across. Cheers!!!

PS : Loved the Fuel Tank Branded as #TRHS!!!

If you set your Goals ridiculously High and its a failure,

you will Fail Above everyone else’s Success!

James Cameron~


Now, playing the same role, what do you suggest for the Sahara Brand? Where would you lift up the brand first so that the crew members can take over?

I think the best medium is their media Sahara Tv channels.They should try and rebuild customer confidence from here.They are the only sponsors of our national sport hockey.Sahara Group is very loyal to the country and has given millions of people jobs.It should regain this confidence and trust and move forward.True reporting aboutthe facts about the group and its chairman should  be done in their own media to instill confidence.

be truthful and transparent.

# 1 The Rear Jack Man


# 2 The Fireman

May be Sahara can distance itself from the tainted owner. Rather than ignoring him, start focusing on communicating about the positives (number of lives touched, number of employees, contribution to country, nature etc) and create a PR campaign around it. 

With time, brand Sahara could break its link with the driver. However if the driver intends to continued (see ques 9), then I have no answer, except decisive and clear action. And honest and direct communication with customers. 

# 3 Support Man

Sahara needs to create a lobby of existing and satisfied customers (assuming they have some) and then create media (TV ads, Social Media ads, Radio etc). These ought to be on the lines of "How I have faith in Sahara, despite all that is wrong."

These to be aired on TV for some time (as much as limited budgets allow) and then a lot of content to be created on social media. 

#4 The Fuel Man

Delivery against promises made. Achievements against all odds. Case studies of happy customers. 

At the same time, start talking to unhappy customers and try to resolve their issues. But it will require intent on the management's part to be able to resolve this. 

#5 The Wheel Man

No Answer

#6 The ‘Lollipop’ Man!

No Answer

# 7 The Jack Man (again)

This guy lifts the car up from the sides when required.

What do you want lifted up? What side of the Sahara Brand do you want to tackle by lifting up and why?

# 8 Second Wheel Man

Try getting smaller celebrities (not Amitabh but someone like Rajkumar Yadav or a singer like Anu Malik or someone minor like that) and create content around them. Have regional celebrities for different regions.

Must not do a pan-India campaign with a big guy. Small guy, locally relevant, sharp content, direct messaging. 

# 9 The Driver

Two perspectives. If the driver has the intent, this is the best opportunity that he has. He can come out of the mess and shine with her performance in the next 12 months or so. It would be like a huge victory if he can do so. He has to lead by example. Like Modi is sending messages. He needs to do same once he's out. 

If the intent is missing, then there has to be a new driver. Someone who has an experience of running a diversified company like Sahara. May be someone who has spent time at Tata Sons (the holding company of Tatas) etc. 

I dont think he can be evacuated. Of course he is the owner!

End Note

Feedback. Some of these questions could be better framed. I could not understand a couple! 


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